Monday, January 1, 2018

First post for 2018- Happy New Year

As salam. 

My first post for 2018.blogging from phone 😁.. So azam tahun baru saya :

- konsisten blog everyday so that i won't miss thing that i would like to remember in future..

- nak travel oversea. At least sekali. Dah ada two countries shortlisted, so insya allah.. Kun faya kun. It will be Elisya first flight 😊.

- sit for ACCA exam. At least setahun sekali pun jadi la. Better late than never.

- career improvement /enhancement. I want to change for a better.

- buat apa yang tak terbuat masa previous year. Basically carry forward la 😂😂..

Kitaorg countdown dekat club house at the apartment. This is the first time the management organise new year countdown event.there is also light refreshments. The lamb is soooo good. Nanti masa Chinese new year party they will hire the same vendor.. Yeayyy.. Makan jugak yang diingat 😅..

Pool party. Ada band pakcik tu nyanyi best giller. Otai masih berbisa. Cuaca pun cantik. Elisya dah pengsan dalam carrier tu.

Kids having fun. Eryna with her best friend, raina. Buat hand painting tapi dah hilang in a minute 😕😕.

Happy New Year.. Welcoming 2018 with a big heart and looking forward for the great 365 days.



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