Friday, July 28, 2017

Influenza A

Backdated entry :

Eryna admitted due to Influenza A. Tak tau kat mana dapat. Can be tadika or outside.Paedatrik cakap it can be both. Now influenza is becoming common virus in Malaysia.

Macam mana dapat detect ? Suhu maintain at 39-40 'c throughout the night.usually kalau demam, after makan ubat,suhu dia akan turun especially kalau day time.sebab malam cuaca sejuk, usually budak-budak akan demam.tapi,kali ni statik even ubat konsisten every 4 hours.

Two weeks earlier dah bawak jumpa doc sebab demam.kebah after 3 days.then demam semula,which followed with vomitting,so the next day terus decided ke KPJ emergency.

Draw blood test and hingus, confirmed she positive Influenza A. Kena kuarantin,which lega tak payah share bilik.ward pun penuh, tapi in her case kena duduk sorang.yeay at that point 😄. I was heavily pregnant at that time, so stay in single ward is the best option.

Kena pakai mask and visitor is not allowed. Her case, sebab bawak awal,jadi kuman baru nak start ,on antibiotik . Hingus dia tak banyak ,if banyak then will be difficult for her. Alhamdulillah, we noticed it earlier. So, parents, know your kid well..

The hospital food which most of it goes to mama and baby 😅😅. Eryna banyak main-main makan, so meh sini mak abiskan .

On the fourth day dah boleh balik since takdak budak kecik kat rumah. Kalau ada, kena stay until 7 days. All covered by the insurance , so thanks to the office for that 😛 .at least i can save her personal insurance for her education .Total bills around RM 4,500. Since all covered ,we got our deposit return ( sebab masa admittance to, it was weekend ,they asked for deposit RM 500 ).

Seronok dia duduk ward. nurse baik,doc pun baik.foods sedap ( yang ni mak suka ) . and now ready to back home and goes to school. tapi eryna tak p sekolah la until the other week. tak mau la jangkit virus lain pulak. sebab nya, dia yang kena, she will not spread sebab dah recovered, tapi she might be infected with other virus pulak..kena stay at home until a week.

My happy girl. we love you so much.semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi mu..Ameen insya allah.



Zie Azi said...

alhamdulillah, getting better..takut jugak sy baca

Zie Azi said...

alhamdulillah, getting better..takut jugak sy baca


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