Monday, May 28, 2012

Travelling & pregnant - I'm survived yeay !!!

As salam.

Alhamdulillah.safely arrived in KL & officially back to work with no extra cuti.
Still tired obviously.sampai jum mlm, landed at 930 pm,pick up baggage ,singgah R&R & smpi umah almost 1 am.
Esoknya ,Sat & Sun terbongkang xsedar diri.phew..dh balik baru rasa sgt penat..Actually,mind is still not in the office.luckily  tak byk document,1st day at office after 2 weeks off is do nothing.but,now is back to normal..

Sedikit sharing to those yg still worried about travelling during advise : hey,go & enjoy need to worry much as long as u get permission from ur doctor or in other words ,u're healthy.

There's a situation when u're not allowed to travel like low placenta ,experience in miscarriage,high blood pressure & so,if ur doc ckp safe to travel,what u can do next is check with the airlines u opt to travel,until when u're allowed to fly.

In my case,I was with Emirates & they allowed up to 30 weeks.jadi,ms I p usa ,I carrying my bump at 27-28 weeks & basically ms balik kl ,dah entering 30 weeks.
My advice, wear loose & bigger size clothes & make sure it cotton ya....ha..ha..just to hide ur belly in case nanti byk songeh pulak kan.

Boring2 layan movie-makan-movie-tdo..

I was so lucky,xkena question anything sampai dh selamat balik kl pun.I even easily passed the usa immigration without hassle.alhamdulillah..

stop over di Dubai.alhamdulilah..masih ada energy nak round2 airport

My journey started with 6 hours + via KLIA to Dubai .
Stop over about 4 hours before continue to JFK ,NYC airport.
Tooks about 12 hours + to reach there .
Masa flight ke Dubai ,dpt naik Airbus.merasa la naik flight besar & masa tu xpenuh pun.ada la 100 passengers je.kira the whole 4 seats dpt konker sorang2.risau tu mesti la jugak.takut bb xcukup oksigen ke apa,what I did ,keep on drinking plain water & walk,ms tido tu,xde maknanya nk melilau dlm flite plak kan.

Owh,I did wear in flight stokin.u can buy at Watson ,brand scholl.kenapa scholl ? sbb kt internet kata ini approved by beli je lah..dlm rm50 camtu je.
This socks is to prevent from blood cot & enhance our blood circulation.

Masa nk ke nyc,dpt normal flight ,Boeing 777 je.
So agak crowded & flight penuh.
No choice lah.nak belunjur pun agak payah.
Plus ,I was sitting kt,everytime nak bangun,org sebelah pun kena bgn.

Tapi,the indian lady beside ni was very nice.I plak kerap jugak g toilet.& like I said, I akan walk around ,tawaf 1 flight baru duduk pulak mmg berpusing2 je.
Agaknya dia confuse what happened la tetiba tinggi di awan kan..

at JFK airport ,nyc..did u see my bumps at 27 weeks ??

& alhamdulillah survived again..with no hassle ,pick up baggage & terus check in for next flight.
My sis was at Buffalo ( she graduated from Buffalo Uni & now back for good ) ,another 1 hour flight to Buffalo. again about 5 hours kt least bb dapat rest jugak kan..sian dia..hehhe...

& this is what Emirates served in flight meals..mesti makan smpi habis..hiks...

mari nonton tanpa jemu :)

So ,those who still worried about your pregnancy ,I hope this will help least..sebelum ni,I pun nerves jugak..mcm2 la in my mind.
What if what if..nak2 if u tnya kt forum mcm2 la org nye pendapat which I xbaca pun. coz ,itu semua will not help ,tp akan menakutkan lagi,better search for the expert advise.

Alhamdullillah,today ,I'm entering week 31 & still healthy & guess what..masa pegi check up,berat naik 1 kg mesti sbb ms kt NYC I walked a lot.

Mmg xdudukdiam..& eat a lot of cos.For me,alang2 bercuti ,harus la explore all the places .smpi my parents pun dah risau.bgn awal pagi ,jalan2,blk mlm,tdo & doing the same thing the next,now blk Msia,,,kemalasan konfem check up nanti berat nanti byk..sbb no


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