Friday, March 23, 2012

Nk g Bandung & 22 weeks update

As salam.

Minggu ni dah msk 22 weeks.As baby center update lah.ikut doktor ,rasanya lebey kurang kowt.Alhamdulillah,syukur again ,Allah permudahkan d pregnancy proses.Still can walk fast,eating lots lots ( he..he.. ) ,no back pain or cramp leg (di jauhkan insya allah ) ,no sembelit..
Owh ya,talking bout constipation, alhamdulillah,xpenah kena.risau jugak bila baca yg some mummy kena.In my case ,awal pagi mesti kena pee pee dulu ( maybe mlm b4 tdo i will take kalsium supplement with 1 glass water ), so,its like my morning alarm.mesti bangun pee,bagus jgk sbb time tu dh msk subuh..

After that,msk opis je,mesti nak far,until now its a routine without fail.syukur alhamdulillah.
About my bump pulak,mmg xbrp obvious.hari ni bila baby center update yg about bump kecik/besar is not to worry,yg penting bb sihat & growing good inside.As for me,xrisau pun psl bump kecik sbb i'm more concern about the bb's long she's keep on moving,i know she is enjoying the moment inside mummy's womb.. ^_____________^.biar dia membesar outside la ye nanti..insya allah...

Owh ya,me lately ,rasa nk sgt pegi Bandung, Indon.not other places.bkn nk shopping,dunno why nak pegi.I dah planned,after deliver ni,on Dec ke Jan ke have to go lar sana.Byk2 tmpt kt Asia dh pegi,Indon je belum smpi.what a pathetic kan..

before end the entry,as usual mesti ada update makan2 jugak.husben has been confirmed from the test lab that he has high cholesterol ,pastu liver pun at high risk.semua tu due to mmg x surprised.knowing him..he loves food esp yg santan, fat tu suma feveret,dpt agak lah.I told him,nak hidup lama have to sacrifice a bit.not depend to vitamin/supplement. & yes,supplement do help to add in antibodi tp,kalu body disumbat dgn mcm2 benda unhealthy, mana nk effective kan.
So,dah 2 nites lah our dinner was oat porridge.sedap la sbb bukan plain oat.
ms 1st nite i cooked oat with dice potato,letak sawi & meat slices bagi rasa air daging tu.tasted yummy of cos.
smlm pulak i mixed diced carrot with prawn & fish balls.knowing husben yg xbiasa mkn oat ,dia mmg habiskan 1 big serving ,tp i know that he still xleh nk get rid of rice.hiks..hiks..for me,kt luar he need to disiplin himself.that's what i told him,sbb kt rumah,brp kali sgt i msk.not that everyday i cook.maybe 3/4 times a week,itu pun very light dinner.kt luar,ms lunch or bfast during office hour,u never know how much he takes kan..

this is how its looks like.mcm rice porridge but i bet this serving will make u full until d next day :)

Till then, happy friday ...enjoy weekend .. <_________>

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