Friday, March 2, 2012

Dragon year -the best year to deliver ??

As salam.

I read an article about 2012 -which they claimed as dragon year-good year for productivity,works,economy & also for deliver a baby.So,my baby pon insya allah,will be one of the strongest baby la-if follow dragon nye sifat lah..jgn garang sudah.. :).

Boleh tahan ramai kwn2 yg gave birth & ada yg tgh carrying ( like me lar ) ..alhamdulillah,those yg expect to deliver ,dh selamat pon jadik mummy/mama/ummi.ada yg 1st time ( like me again lar ) ,ada yg 2nd time & maybe 2rd or 4th..

Jom tgk my frens yg dh selamat deliver :

Baby girl born on 26 Jan 2012

This cute little girl was born on 26 Jan ( kalu xsilap lar ) ,by her beautiful mummy which was my primary frens back then.We were bestfren ms sek rendah,tp dh msk secondary,skool lain2 then dah lost kontek until jumpa kt fb balik.Actually ,umah xjauh pon kt kg,tp,mmg xpernah terjumpa langsung, ^_^..she is also cousin to Rita Rudaini..her father & Rita's mum is sibling.. :)

Rifqi born in Feb 2012

Ini 1st daughter to of my gud I kawen dulu,dia lah penasihat tuk my wedding dress & I even hired the same tailor as her.She teman me round Jln Tar which she ms tu tgh early pregnant,mabuk2 sket some more-at her less than 10 weeks mcm tu.Ms wedding,she couldnt make it,tp,her presence ms I engaged pon dh cukup besar hati dah..

Salleena Humairah born mid Feb 2012
Another Feb bff since secondary until now.hardly catch up in live,tp,kt fb slalu sbb she stayed at Teluk intan.last jumpa ms she was 4 mths preggy .Salleena born 2 weeks earlier,alhamdulillah now sihat ..Dh ada sepasang dah my bff ni..suka la dia..

Mohd Adam & his proud mummy

Ini plg latest.born on 25 Feb 2012.She was my roommate ms kt uitm shah alam.very helpful & baik sgt.some more sgt solehah..I adore her in her style.even I ex-sek agama pon sometimes selalu amik mudah.plg simple,she once pernah dtg tdo my parents house ,& when my ayah or adik laki was around, she will put on,slalu amik lewa.usually,if i stay overnight at my bff's house,i selamba je free hair depan adik & ayah dia.sbb i too close with her family,so slalu anggap like they are families..hmm..i shud change it one fine day.

whose the baby ?
Ha..ha..this is my ayah.we celebrated his birthday -26 Feb..he's already 67 years this year.alhamdulillah,he stilled strong,can go travel here & there.moga Allah panjangkan usia ayah ,murah rezeki & sihat sentiasa.insya allah..amin amin..
This was taken at my house-actually ada 2 cakes sponsored by my bro & sis..mmg xhabis d cakes.smpi bwk ke opis..This was a day before my ayah & mak fly to mekah to perform their umrah..alhamdullilah again..They actually waiting for next call to hajj.maybe next,since belum di panggil,they go umrah dulu lah.usually,kalu dh penah pegi hajj ,lambat sket lah tabung haji nk call. they have been there twice for hajj,which I think much more grateful kan.syukur again..
This time,they will straight to umrah ,cos last time they sempat ziarah to Cairo ( maybe ms tu ramai kwn ayah yg join ),tp this time only mak ,ayah & our neighbour.they got good price since the travel agent tu last time handled ms hajj ,so dah kenal.. :)
Insya allah,they will be back on 13 March 2012..

Last, Ekin & Mawi new born lah..Cahaya Malaika..what a beautiful name kan.& my fren yg stay kt UK now,pon gave birth on 29 Feb 2012.alhamdulillah..semua selamat..

Semoga saya & bakal2 mommies out there pon akan selamat melahirkan our baby kan..amin..insya allah..pray & doa byk2 to Allah for our health...

Salam Jumaat...

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