Thursday, March 1, 2012


As salam.

Have u ever heard about ? The website which provides lots of information regarding parenting & so forth. Its very usable for those mummies & daddies out there :)..

Those yg baca ,confirm agreed dgn i kan... ^___________^...

This is the link sila click sini manjers

They have 2 version ,in English & Malay. U can subscribe to tickers- nanti dia update lah this week how months u pregnant & what u can expect from baby development & what symptoms u might have within that cool lar,apart of we busy hunting barang for baby,y dont once a while we read something that beneficial not only pre-birth but also after lah.Lotsa info u can,u xpayah go for any website,mcm2 u can get there.

See what baby center is all about :

Welcome to BabyCenter

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  • Sleeping baby with pacifier
Selamat datang! Vaanakam! Nihao!

Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Or maybe you're a new parent. Let us share your journey. Sign up now to receive information tailored to your stage.

From trying to conceive to contractions, from breastfeeding to bringing up baby, we're here for you every step of the way.

This week's hot topics

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This is the tickers I mentioned about ^_______^
Not only they update how many weeks are u ( i know many put tickers sbb nk tau the due kan..) ,but this ticker gives more than information u ever needed !! Trust me !!!

Your Pregnancy Week by Week


U know what,they also have meals schedule for 1st trimester until 3rd trimester. Boleh try their suggested menu. Every trimester, ada 2 options of meal xde lar u guys boring if that week punya menu u dah habis try. Tau la,kita ni preggy kan sentiasa lapar,so the schedule at least give u an idea the nutritions u shud take in your meals...

See...if this cool..I mmg print & tampal kt fridge so that I aware the meals intake..

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