Monday, February 20, 2012

About life & bfeed

As salam.

Life is so challenging huh ? & life do changing..right ? this July or Aug ,insya allah,gonna give birth to a baby..still dunno girl or,xkisah kan.whatever gender is long as healthy & sempurna as human being..amin..thats what every parents always doa rite ?

So,what preparation for the new comer ? so far belum ada it too early or how..entah,maybe ya lah too,next week ada expo baby fair kt klcc & 2nd week of March kt Mid V.of cos rasa nk least can buy baju pon jadi la.but,xsure kalu nk kena berebut2 mcm hapa kan.hmmm...

List tu of cos dah ada.awai2 dah buat hasil copy paste from blog jugak.I think,yg plg top of the list ,nk beli Medela FS tu..sbb dah buat survey to all bp,semua nya ada ja xkena.with my demand of work,Medela FS is the time ,ye lah,imagine,kalu i nk pump 4/5 times a day,if guna other bp,xkan every session nk kuar 40 mins,brp lama je aku act keje kan.

FS is the best alternative ,save more time & double,very costly u know.Rm 1,350 is the cheapest i thing yg i jumpa.yg lain semua offer Rm 1500 above.I dah niat to fully bf my baby & i would try my all best to make sure i dpt jugak Medela FS,ongkosnya ????????????
Niat mula nk beli Spectra 3 ,way more cheaper,but dia only connected to electric,so kali xde letrik xleh la..Medela FS at least can do all..with & without electric & using adaptor.lagi selamat..imagine,ms tgh pump ada guruh ,xke kalu using Spectra kena cepat plug off,padahal ms tu dh la..still kena ada back up manual,not saving jugak..

& tau la,to fully bfeed ni kena dpt full support from husben of cos.kalu jenis xpaham,mula la komplen,mahal la,byk space la apa,u want ur bb minum susu lembu ke ? padahal kalu calculate kos formula milk tu, let say a month u spend Rm150-200 cuba darab ngan 2 thn how much u have spend for the milk only.padahal,gadget for bf is only 1 time kita beli & insya allah,kalu dah xnak pakai,can let go ,insya allah,ada org demand as long still in good condition.

Let's calculate between fm & bfeed until 2 years:

Formula Milk                                                                            

RM 150-200 per mths x 24 mths = +-Rm 4,000                                      


Bpump = 1350
Warmer & steriliser = 175
Others ( liners & storage bottle ) =200
Total = less Rm 2,000.

& how about the nutritions ??? countless..mum's breast milk is the best.its proven those minum fm easily get sick compared those fully,tepuk dada tnya selera..

its so good & lucky who ever yg dpt full support from husben to fully bfeed.siap ada yg belikan pump,deep freezer & lucky u !!!!! ( which I hope my proposal will be approved. )

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