Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The food, the baby expo & myself

As salam.

This week dh msk 19 weeks.cepat nya masa berlalu.xsedar dh nk msk 5 months.perut dh nmpk actually.maybe xketara sbb berat yg lebey..tsk..tsk..As expected ,ms kt KK smlm ,dh kena sound dgn nurse for the 2nd time sbb berat naik another 1.1 kg's which she claimed monthly max naik 0.5 kg je.Gile ke apa.mana nk dpt .dh la asik mkn je,konfem2 la naik.since last check up naik 2.5 kgs, hasilnya ku kena minum air gula.hambik kan.malas nk pikir,iye kan aje,appointment will be another 2 weeks time ,which have to arrive sharp 8 am kt KK ,amik darah & after 2 hours minum air gula. Have to fast prior minum.well..mmg dh pasrah pon.Current berat is 66 kg's now.tsk tsk lagiiiiii...

Berbalik kpd the development,the tummy is now obvious,kemeja dh xleh button kt perut.Alhamdulillah,smlm dgr heart beat bb..teruja sgt...^________________^..
Makan juga berjalan seperti biasa.tekak ni xleh di program.kalu kata nk mkn yg tu,akan diusahakan smpi dpt.its not like mengidam..sbb mengidam tu mcm dok tingat2 my case ,let say,apa nk mkn lunch ni ek..PING !!!! nak nasi paprik ( contoh ) ,so kena g order yg tu lah.jgn nk,like that lar..

Jom layan makanan2 yg telah di igau kan & di makan :)

Ikan siakap stim lemon at Vichuda KD..2 org makan licin beserta kailan ikan masin,kerabu perut,telur dadar,nasi tambah 2 kali  <_______>

side dishes Bibimpap kt Tropicana.but d best kt Jln Ampang

Bibimpap yg dh 2 kali mkn within a month

Starbucks yg dah 3 bln xminum since preggy..Have been resist coffee since preggy,tp,once a while nk jugak sip kan *****^_________^

At William's SS 26 KJ..2nd time pegi after frust ms pegi 1st time tutup

Soda-per-ntah for him & mango for her

Mee udang Sek 7 shah alam hasil tgk JJCM .tp,mengecewakan..dah la mahai..RM29 sepinggan

Wantan mee kt food court Rasa KLCC..mkn sblm terjah motherhood expo

Ikan bawal power KD -mkn pas check up smlm..sodappppppp

the set that comes together..yummehh
Itu antara yg sempat di snap..imagine yg xsempat snap..actually,me dh apply quite a strict balance diet in order xnak bg gain weight.if compare from last check up,actually,my weight dah reduce la from 2+ a month to 1kg je.I syak sbb hari sblm check up mkn nasi tomato my mum msk smpi tambah 3,4 kali plus the cheese cake bought for ayah's besday..that may be the reason..coz,all the food i ate kt atas,semua nya adalah xhabis mkn.usually ada org akan habiskan or just leave like that pas ni ,ikut je normal rutin, nasi sket lauk byk..kalu kena telan air gula lagi,nasib lah.janji xnaik*ayat kaver *..

Oklah,tutup citer psl food..about baby expo..i went there on friday since my off is just 5 mins to klcc & some more boss outstation.I eyeing most mcm storage bottles,pigeon wipes,little bean warmer &,malangnya ms tu gaji belum msk & belum dpt approval dr 'finance minister'.so,pejam mata & just jot down harga lah..nanti ms kt Mid insya allah.nk beli..sbb dh dpt approved dh nk beli barang baby.yeay !!!!,insya allah,i will stick to Medela FS ( after sooooo many surveys & browsing ).. & the rest barang dh list down..i think now yg plg penting is the breastpump sbb mahal & alhamdulillah,after approved ( mummy senyum ^_______________^ ) ,insya allah,will beli online je..lagi murah kot ..

What i got from the expo ????

buku ni RM 40 -normal 49.95 ..last masa milkadeal buat promo xsmpt grab..

Insya allah..will go to Sogo ( ada baju ke apa eh..but ,about baby fair until 4/3/2012 ) & Mid Valley of cos...yeay !!! Finally..xsabar nk shopping baju baby..& mommy too.. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

About life & bfeed

As salam.

Life is so challenging huh ? & life do changing..right ? this July or Aug ,insya allah,gonna give birth to a baby..still dunno girl or,xkisah kan.whatever gender is long as healthy & sempurna as human being..amin..thats what every parents always doa rite ?

So,what preparation for the new comer ? so far belum ada it too early or how..entah,maybe ya lah too,next week ada expo baby fair kt klcc & 2nd week of March kt Mid V.of cos rasa nk least can buy baju pon jadi la.but,xsure kalu nk kena berebut2 mcm hapa kan.hmmm...

List tu of cos dah ada.awai2 dah buat hasil copy paste from blog jugak.I think,yg plg top of the list ,nk beli Medela FS tu..sbb dah buat survey to all bp,semua nya ada ja xkena.with my demand of work,Medela FS is the time ,ye lah,imagine,kalu i nk pump 4/5 times a day,if guna other bp,xkan every session nk kuar 40 mins,brp lama je aku act keje kan.

FS is the best alternative ,save more time & double,very costly u know.Rm 1,350 is the cheapest i thing yg i jumpa.yg lain semua offer Rm 1500 above.I dah niat to fully bf my baby & i would try my all best to make sure i dpt jugak Medela FS,ongkosnya ????????????
Niat mula nk beli Spectra 3 ,way more cheaper,but dia only connected to electric,so kali xde letrik xleh la..Medela FS at least can do all..with & without electric & using adaptor.lagi selamat..imagine,ms tgh pump ada guruh ,xke kalu using Spectra kena cepat plug off,padahal ms tu dh la..still kena ada back up manual,not saving jugak..

& tau la,to fully bfeed ni kena dpt full support from husben of cos.kalu jenis xpaham,mula la komplen,mahal la,byk space la apa,u want ur bb minum susu lembu ke ? padahal kalu calculate kos formula milk tu, let say a month u spend Rm150-200 cuba darab ngan 2 thn how much u have spend for the milk only.padahal,gadget for bf is only 1 time kita beli & insya allah,kalu dah xnak pakai,can let go ,insya allah,ada org demand as long still in good condition.

Let's calculate between fm & bfeed until 2 years:

Formula Milk                                                                            

RM 150-200 per mths x 24 mths = +-Rm 4,000                                      


Bpump = 1350
Warmer & steriliser = 175
Others ( liners & storage bottle ) =200
Total = less Rm 2,000.

& how about the nutritions ??? countless..mum's breast milk is the best.its proven those minum fm easily get sick compared those fully,tepuk dada tnya selera..

its so good & lucky who ever yg dpt full support from husben to fully bfeed.siap ada yg belikan pump,deep freezer & lucky u !!!!! ( which I hope my proposal will be approved. )

Friday, February 17, 2012

16 weeks already @ 4 months

As salam..

This morning dpt update dari msk 16,biasa la,pegi klinik,doc akan ckp 17 weeks,kk plak 16 weeks plus.yg penting edd between mid July -early Aug 2012.insya allah...

Ni update from the website :

You are now 16 weeks pregnant (or in your 17th week if that's how you prefer to count it).

How your baby's growing

Your baby is about the size of a pear this week. Some of the more advanced body systems are working now, including his circulation and urinary tract. Your baby may be playing with the umbilical cord too. Read more information on your baby's development this week.

How your life's changing

You've probably gained at least 2.2kg/5lb by now, maybe as much as 4.5kg/10lb. Your uterus is growing and you might feel pangs caused by the ligaments stretching in your abdomen. These pains are usually temporary but your growing uterus will put extra strain on your back - follow our tips for protecting your back so that you avoid backache.

Many couples worry about what labour will be like and how they'll cope as new parents - it's all perfectly normal. Try chatting to couples with children about how they felt at this stage and read up on what happens in labour. It may help to read some birth stories so you know what to expect.

It's a good time to arrange a last minute holiday if you can spare the time and money. Travelling in the middle trimester is often recommended because you are usually over the early pregnancy feelings of nausea and fatigue and still not too far advanced for size or premature labour to be a problem. If you are booking now for a flight later in pregnancy make sure your airline will allow you to fly at that stage. Otherwise follow our tips for trouble-free travel during pregnancy and enjoy your trip.

Pregnancy tip: feel your baby move

"I wasn't sure if I could feel my baby moving so a friend suggested I lie down for a while. After a few minutes, I started feeling a butterfly sensation low down. It was amazing!" - Louise B.
Share your tips!

Things to consider

Eat a healthy snack each day. Try meehoon with veggie soup, a wholemeal sandwich or good old beans on toast - all good sources of fibre - and remember to drink plenty of water.

Had any cravings yet? Find out which cravings are most common.

Are you bothered by leg cramps? Find out what can be done to help.

What are the pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore?

What to do if you develop thrush.

Yang pasti,I belum ada feel baby kicking ke apa..leg cramp pon alhamdulillah xde.terjaga malam sbb nk g toilet pastu terus zzzz sampai pagi..he..he...

I juga senang nk membuang..xde masalah sembelit..maybe sbb byk makan buah & air kosong.mudahan Allah permudahkan sampai hari delivery..amin..

Oh ya, Catriona Ross pun tgh preggy,she's like 17 weeks this week..rasanya dia seminggu awal..but,wh o knows our baby nak kuar sama date kan..hiks..hiks..I read from her tweet ,dia pon xde rasa baby kicking lagi..So,no need to worry..

Hi there..that's me in my mom's womb at 14 weeks...
Hi baby..can't wait to meet u...Stay healthy in there ok... ^______^..hugs..

Al-kisah proses US visa

As salam.

Just a note masa nk apply US visa.tiket kan dah,visa lum buat.
Utk masuk US, kena buat visa 3 months b4 arrival.
Maybe same to other countries..not,nk buat visa xleh main redah embassy ajer.kata nk g negara yg takut dgn bayang2 sendiri tu,procedure agak la remeh.

Application :

Memula,kena apply online utk borang DS-160.
So,all details will be asked here and kena upload photo skali.
Photo ni kena ikut requirement dorang lah.
Usually,photo shop kt kl ni aware about the standard size not only US,tp other countries yg required visa.just mention which country u are going.
Utk US ,they charge RM18 per person ( 4 copies photo with 1 cd ).digital cd ni penting sbb nanti kan nk kena upload on9.xde kalu,xleh proceed la borang tu.

website for DS-160

So easy,just follow the instructions,isi segala mak nenek.but,make sure passport dah get ready.sbb nanti nk kena isi no passport pulak unless dah hafal.
All personal details like address kt sini,reason g sana,nanti nk dok sana dgn sapa,apa address,better have the details on hand senang.
But,if xingat or xsure,u can also save the application on the computer,or kalu xnak save, in case guna lap top org ke kan,just print out the DS confirmation number.
So,boleh retrieve balik whenever u want.

The application tu can be edited wherever u want as long x submit to them.once dah submit,no other way to edit.kalu ada silap,yes,u can re-apply but kena buat balik from beginning & sgt la leceh coz taking at least 15-30 mins to complete.
Then yada yada ,dah complete semua,nanti upload pic, dah ok,dah confirm,then just submit lah.
Oh ya,u can do it on behalf of others.mcm i pegi with family,so,I'm  the principal,just click at button apply for other kot kalu xsilap.setiap org kena ada DS 160.means ms interview kena bwk 4 application.after submit,print confirmation.

Interview appointment :

Then,nk schedule for interview,contact with embassy or apply on9.kalu contact embassy tu nanti actually dia akan create akaun atas nama kita guna email address yg kita bagi.
So,dari situ dia bleh detect lah,nk dtg interview tu,dh apply on9 ke belum.
Oh yes,nk interview kena bayar visa fee dulu ye.for B1/B2 class ( visitor ) now RM484 per pax.can pay at any std chartered bank.

Done with payment ,just go to the profile yg dah embassy create tu ,then isi la serba sikit details (again ? ) ,then choose date,nanti akan kuar kalendar time yg us,mmg cantik la time yg ada.we chose 930 pagi nye session.

Interview day 

So,thats it for application.during interview,just be there early sbb nanti nk kena queue,doesnt mean yg dah buat appointment bleh terus way,kena queue,amik pass dulu,scan ( mcm kt airport nk lepas imigresen ) ,nanti all keys,phone suma kena amik.they kept for u lah.pastu baru leh msk dlm.

Proses interview xlama,dlm 30 mins dah settle with confirmation wether pass ke x nk dpt visa tu.
Memula,dia akan confirm semua yg nk interview ada,bagi slip usa fee yg dah bayar tu kt drg,pastu nanti dia akan tnya la pegi buat apa bla bla..
Then,duduk,tunggu tuk amik bio metrik finger us,ada 4 org ,so we just go together .after that scan semua will be finalised..

Visa approved/reject

So,yg last ni lah baru tau leh dpt ke visa g sana.staff kt sana so far friendly & helpful.
Yang dok layan thru phone pon baik.ada la dlm 4 kali kol tnya itu ini ms xkonpem nk submit tu..dia layan je..then,kt sana pon baik.

Last tuk pass kan visa ,adalah org sana itself ( i mean american guy ).so,borak la dgn this guy, & at d end,3 of us lepas dpt visa but my father was rejected ( at that time )..dia kata, drg akan semak balik & will get back in 2 mths ..what ??lama tu..of cos we not happy kan..dah excited nk pegi plus guna kad kredit dia beli the flight tickets all..what's the problem kan..all semua dah ada,then we just wondering,maybe his surname..Othman..u know sound like "Osama" ke..cos,dari segi lain lain bank akaun & so forth should be no prob at all.then,we balik la with half-hearted la masa tu..siap pikir,ish,kalu ayah xpegi nak pegi ke.mcm xbest lah.since the purpose for my sis konvo,so obviously dia yg nk tgk anak dia konvo..i tukang sibuk ajer..he..he..

Visa collections 

Then,i just wrote to the embassy tanya all things & they said nanti drg figure out.
So,the day yg i nak g collect our passport -siap in 1 day,( u can collect urself or bg address ,nanti dia courier ) ,suddenly they called ckp,approve pulak..
Alhamdulillah,took only 3 days to,i just collect our visa ( kat wisma MCA Jalan Ampang ) & submit my ayah punya.

Yang kena reject ni xpayah pegi interview lagi..but,it depend my ayah,his case sbb pending admin stage saje.ada case yg drg nak other documentation like bank acc summary & mcm2 la..
So,alhamdulillah..the next day,dah dpt collect visa my,everything settled..tinggal nk pegi saja on May..

And so to happen juga,the day dpt visa my ayah tu,he called asking mcm mana ni..cos dia nk pegi umrah with my mak..xde passport how la...alhamdulillah,Allah permudahkan,dpt cepat & he pon dpt amik passport & submit to putrajaya for umrah visa pulak..lega...

Now we dpt 10 years US visa..yeay !!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

After so long

As salam.

Lamanya hai xupdate di sini.rindu..rindu sgt nk,sungguh,sgt malas.Baca vlog org lain sajorks.sendiri punya malas.sedar2 now dah masuk 2012 & i'm approaching 15 weeks.Alhamdulillah dh lepas 1st trimester, dh masuk 2nd term dgn jaya nya..Alhamdulillah again to Allah kerana permudah kan segalanya.I dunno what is morning sickness or night sickness.Everything went well..syukur again.Hope will continue like that until due date expected on July. Who knows dia nak kuar masa our 1st anniversary.Double joy :).

I've gone check up kt klinik kesihatan KJ.Dah msk 2 kali pon.& since selera makan as usual ,guess what ,my weight is naik dgn jaya nya.& next check up nurse ckp, kalu naik lagi kena minum air gula.sadis,since awal Feb hari tu dgn gigihnya makan nasi sket je,lebihkan sayur ,ikan,ayam & more snacking.teringin sgt aiskrim & cakes, amik secara nk minum air gula + xnak gain weight banyak,nanti x turun nangis <____________>.

Weight masa kawin : 58 kg's
After kahwin ( lum preggy ) : 60 kg's
Pregnant at 5 weeks : 63 kg's
Pregnant at 10 weeks : 65.5 kg's.................................................

See..weight naik kemain lagi..makin bolat bolat diriku ini..

Masa 12 weeks pegi scan kt UMRA & dpt tgk baby dah membentuk.dah ada kepala,tangan, cute & alhamdulillah the heart beat pon dh dpt dgr..lega sgt.

Antara makanan kegemaran menyumbang peningkatan berat :)

nasi ayam penyet yg dimakan selalu tanpa jemu

burger sedap Sec 2 shah alam

Jajan di masa lapang
Since takut dgn peningkatan berat ,maka sudah hadkan semua more snacking,tp dah ganti dgn yogurt & buah2 an..penuh stok buah kt,will see another 2 weeks..kalu naik jugak,mmg redha la kena minum air gula..

& last ,pic masa family day kt Skytrex shah alam..sedihnya xdpt join,hanya tolong tgk kengkwn bersuka ria.keja aku hanya lah di meja makan tunggu makanan ,pastu tukang jaga beg..sedey...

Me at 12 weeks
Inilah keja aku ,lepak di meja makan -_________________-

Moga baby sihat ,begitu jugak the that on May we can go jalan2 ...insya allah....amin..


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