Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby's stuff & bfeed

As salam.

I'm not yet 2 mths.I'm not yet past my 1st trimester,but already looking for some important baby stuffs . Read : Baby stuffs = breast pumps,multivitamin.

I really doa that I can fully breastfeed my little joy like my mak did back time.I was fully breastfeeding until 5 years be exact,until I got to kindergarten ( u read it right : 5 years old ).U know,my mak slalu ckp,blk tadika,I will tolak my younger bro ( in a way nk rebut susu la) ,at the end he ended up minum susu lembu.who else in the family has such long time attachment with mak,if not,as I'm getting pregnant now,I always aim & doa in my heart that I must bfeed my little joy no matter what.

Based to sister's history ,both of them were surrended bfeed the moment the pantang habis.If I'm not mistaken,not even habis pantang pon.So,I did a lot of reading,googling & blogwalking to see how la,coz the reason why they stop bfeed bcoz they were undergo thru c-sec.Of coz,who ever want c-sec,but,we dunno what we will go thru the,I found something interesting,that,c-sec also can produce milks like normal least,my confidence is back.I read a lot about Shaklee..hey,who on earth dunno this brand right ? me,obviously never tried,but when I read all the reviews,the products itself makes me 50% confidence on this brand.U know,in Islam also,we need to doa & usaha right ? ^____________________^.in case susu tetiba xnak kuar plak.

should i choose Avent ?

or Medela ??? hmmmm

As fully bfeed baby,I hardly sakit,if demam until 40 'c pon,still can mak ckp,I plg sng nk jaga coz plg senang sihat.I believe,others than Allah's will,the bfeed time until 5 years old helps a lot.Alhamdulillah,my pregnancy ni,xde sakit teruk,di sebabkan I a little bit scared,mana la tau,msk 2nd month,baru nk shows the sign,so,I decided to consume multivitamin.that's my doc advise when I was confirmed with 5 weeks pregnant.urghh...anything bout the little joy,gonna sacrifice a lot for you dear !!!

& not only that I concerned, I also started searching for Medela & Avent breast pump.lucky,my colleaugeu is bfeeding her 1 year daughter & she will pumps everyday in surau.& she's using,I did search on this two branded items..u know,the spirit nk bfeed like membuak2.hopefully ,I manage to do that & hubs will fully support on this.

Other than save cost on milks, I really want my little joy attach with me.I really positive I can do that.insya allah..we should try before giving up.thus,I already made a decision,to take set berpantang from Shaklee & not forgotten jamu jugak. ( in case jamu too hot, I will say bye bye terus aje )..

Owh,of coz I read a lot about what drinks/foods to boost the milk.hmm...can't wait until that moment la.ha..ha..too early ,but we have to start thinking what is the best for our little joy.I also think to use cloth diapers,maybe during weekends/nights time, ye lah,hantar pengasuh,I don't think they want all remeh2 ni.this is just plan,or else,if not works,then I will stick to pampers la..ha..ha..but but,bfeed is a must.wajib !!! insya allah...

Ok,till then..go research again..byk nk kena cari info ni...bye....

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