Thursday, December 15, 2011

At 7 weeks

As salam.

Wah,still early huh to blog about what kind of changes I experienced during,I had discover that I can't eat any nasik during,what I did now,I will eat ( try best to finish one normal plate-sblm ni I hate taking nasi-amik sesenduk with byk lauks sbb nk diet kunun) during lunch hour.coz,that the only time I can eat nasi.well,being malaysian,nasi can't get rid of our daily menu of coz.benci2 nasi pon,I can't stand not having it more than a week.

And nite time,I perasan I can eat anything but nasi is no,yesterday I cooked mee hailam & can finished it one plate.imagine,dh brp mlm I can't eat sbb time tu I mmg msk nasi for dinner as usual.I can only eat satu suap then,hubs decided,me not cooking for dinner ( yeay !! )...btw,its not that yeay jugak coz I loves,still got lots of binatang inside fridge that we bought last weekend kt pasar tani :)

Mee hailam taken from blekberi agak golap dap dap.. :)

That sedap Mee hailam above ( according to my tekak lar ), is about 3/4 packets of mee sbb terlebey kuah sudah with so many chic cuts,sotong,udang & fish cake.mcm xberbaloi nk msk only for one plate,so ended up msk until 3/4 .still left sket mee in case emergency i need the stock ( ha..ha.)..
I ate until habis ok.siap bwk pegi opis lagi.alhamdulillah,home cook is always is doing good.bravo !!!

And I hate all kind of santan based ( be it curry,masak lemak ),to think of that also make me started to loya,so,I didn't dare to cook this kind of food.

So,today I tried eating twister from kfc.I know fast food is not good.well,not that everyday I will take them rite ?last week had the prosperity burger with the twister fries.luckily I'm still not in the tak boleh tidoq mlm person kalu xdpt mkn apa yg I nak.I eat but still watch out on the sugar n salt level of coz.hmm..I should try to control my big eater during night,one of my colleaugue kata I gained weight.owh,not that I want to hide from everybody about the little joy,but,its still too early to announce.wait,until next months,or until everybody in the office keep telling me that I'm fat.ha..ha..

The most important,I still sihat walafiat,alhamdulillah..moga Allah terus bagi me n baby good health.

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