Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me & my approaching 8 weeks

As salam.

Next week will be my 1st check up kt klinik kesihatan.still xtau where to go.Ada few options - either TTDI, Kelana Jaya or Sg Buloh. I'm so eager to go for TTDI sbb most reviews said situ xramai org pegi.reason y ? org TTDI kaya kowt,semua baya sendiri ^______________^..xde lah, because, usually semua yg bagi address with Selangor ( eventhough u stay in PJ ,Bandar Damansara or like mine Kota Damansara) nanti,nurse will suruh pegi either KJ or Sg Buloh. Ye ke ?? hmm..i'm gonna try my luck jugak,lets see what happen next week.

& I made decision ,to go check up & scan kt Poliklinik near my house since I like the doc very much ( tp husben xbrp sbb doc laki & non-muslim) he sooo baik la.but,c how la.or else kena cari doc lain sbb I need my gynea to approve my travel masa May nanti..insya allah..

Talking bout pregnancy,alhamdulillah..still morning sickness free..alhamdulillah..cuma,night a little bit flat.owh,I just got my Shaklee vits from a fren.there's a lot u know.but,demi baby,telan aje la.I need to take 4 times vits.until now,still disiplin sbb dah tampal siap2 kt fridge jadual mkn..-_______-

Past few days,I felt dizzy so badly & a little bit lar ...nk mkn xlalu.dunno what to,mkn jugak sbb takut lapar.but,mlm dah xmkn.least that I know this habit is no no..totally WRONG !!!.. i need to eat.1st I thought because of approaching 2 mths,so,maybe la I will start any new simptom ke apa kan..but,WRONG again..actually,sbb xmkn tu lah,I suffering of the dizziness.ha,when I goggled,baru tau.LOL...upenya,I cant let my stomach empty.I ni siap biar perut bunyi krok krok sbb xlalu punya pasal & satu lagi sbb takut gemuk ??? seriusly,during my cousin's engagement that day, everybody thought I'm pregnant more than 4 mths..hallo...i'm not yet 2 mths..sedih ok !!! how la,they xjaga my heart ni..nasib sedara sendiri..sengih2 aje..

then,bila i timbang,goshhh.....mcm nk tercabut mata tgk dh 65 kg's ..means,i dah put on weight 5 kg's.last during my wedding,my weight around 58 kg's & then I know I put on weight sikit,so I guess ms tu around 60 kg's,that's mean,in my 1st ni I dah naik mcm,what do u expect me to be in another 8 dah jdk belon,with that simple reason,I stopped myself from eating which is,now,I back to normal ( alhamdulillah )...I had arranged some schedules for myself..iaitu..mkn skit tp kerap..u know la,my tummy will start singing every 2 so want food ke mummy yg hover ni..

So,what I did :

Am - breakfast Milo with roti ( 1 aje )
       - Takes 2 Vit ( Multivitamin & B-complex )

Tea break - snacking ( biskut Jacobs or any wheat )

Lunch - nasi with normal portion lebih lauks ( mcm biasa std )
           - Vits

Tea break - yogurt /Jacobs again / snacking ( very light )

Night - roti ( nasi sgt jarang ) ,fruits, kurma & Vits

& alhamdulillah,only 1 day I tried this ,& it works,,no more headache..cuma dizzy ala2 manja aje..xde la smpi xleh nk ngadap pc..kalu x,mmg minyak cap kapak tu jadik my best,I will practised this insya allah..takut nk mkn byk..kang susah plak nk turun berat nanti... :p

the super sedap nasi kerabu :)

Tapi,today,what I did ms tea break pagi, I amik protion nasi kerabu yg I bought for lunch ( sbb nasi tu byk sgt ) & ate some. so,ms lunch,portion tu dah,xde la membazir sbb usually I akan end up buang je sbb xlarat nk masuk,for tea break later, bought yogurt drink & some fish ball ( ok,ni maybe xbrp elok ),tp only 1 cucuk je sbb boring la mkn Jacobs aje kan..alhamdulillah,I xde la mengidam apa2 ..well,wait for the next...he..he..

Alamak..lapar balik..............................:(

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby's stuff & bfeed

As salam.

I'm not yet 2 mths.I'm not yet past my 1st trimester,but already looking for some important baby stuffs . Read : Baby stuffs = breast pumps,multivitamin.

I really doa that I can fully breastfeed my little joy like my mak did back time.I was fully breastfeeding until 5 years be exact,until I got to kindergarten ( u read it right : 5 years old ).U know,my mak slalu ckp,blk tadika,I will tolak my younger bro ( in a way nk rebut susu la) ,at the end he ended up minum susu lembu.who else in the family has such long time attachment with mak,if not,as I'm getting pregnant now,I always aim & doa in my heart that I must bfeed my little joy no matter what.

Based to sister's history ,both of them were surrended bfeed the moment the pantang habis.If I'm not mistaken,not even habis pantang pon.So,I did a lot of reading,googling & blogwalking to see how la,coz the reason why they stop bfeed bcoz they were undergo thru c-sec.Of coz,who ever want c-sec,but,we dunno what we will go thru the,I found something interesting,that,c-sec also can produce milks like normal least,my confidence is back.I read a lot about Shaklee..hey,who on earth dunno this brand right ? me,obviously never tried,but when I read all the reviews,the products itself makes me 50% confidence on this brand.U know,in Islam also,we need to doa & usaha right ? ^____________________^.in case susu tetiba xnak kuar plak.

should i choose Avent ?

or Medela ??? hmmmm

As fully bfeed baby,I hardly sakit,if demam until 40 'c pon,still can mak ckp,I plg sng nk jaga coz plg senang sihat.I believe,others than Allah's will,the bfeed time until 5 years old helps a lot.Alhamdulillah,my pregnancy ni,xde sakit teruk,di sebabkan I a little bit scared,mana la tau,msk 2nd month,baru nk shows the sign,so,I decided to consume multivitamin.that's my doc advise when I was confirmed with 5 weeks pregnant.urghh...anything bout the little joy,gonna sacrifice a lot for you dear !!!

& not only that I concerned, I also started searching for Medela & Avent breast pump.lucky,my colleaugeu is bfeeding her 1 year daughter & she will pumps everyday in surau.& she's using,I did search on this two branded items..u know,the spirit nk bfeed like membuak2.hopefully ,I manage to do that & hubs will fully support on this.

Other than save cost on milks, I really want my little joy attach with me.I really positive I can do that.insya allah..we should try before giving up.thus,I already made a decision,to take set berpantang from Shaklee & not forgotten jamu jugak. ( in case jamu too hot, I will say bye bye terus aje )..

Owh,of coz I read a lot about what drinks/foods to boost the milk.hmm...can't wait until that moment la.ha..ha..too early ,but we have to start thinking what is the best for our little joy.I also think to use cloth diapers,maybe during weekends/nights time, ye lah,hantar pengasuh,I don't think they want all remeh2 ni.this is just plan,or else,if not works,then I will stick to pampers la..ha..ha..but but,bfeed is a must.wajib !!! insya allah...

Ok,till then..go research again..byk nk kena cari info ni...bye....

At 7 weeks

As salam.

Wah,still early huh to blog about what kind of changes I experienced during,I had discover that I can't eat any nasik during,what I did now,I will eat ( try best to finish one normal plate-sblm ni I hate taking nasi-amik sesenduk with byk lauks sbb nk diet kunun) during lunch hour.coz,that the only time I can eat nasi.well,being malaysian,nasi can't get rid of our daily menu of coz.benci2 nasi pon,I can't stand not having it more than a week.

And nite time,I perasan I can eat anything but nasi is no,yesterday I cooked mee hailam & can finished it one plate.imagine,dh brp mlm I can't eat sbb time tu I mmg msk nasi for dinner as usual.I can only eat satu suap then,hubs decided,me not cooking for dinner ( yeay !! )...btw,its not that yeay jugak coz I loves,still got lots of binatang inside fridge that we bought last weekend kt pasar tani :)

Mee hailam taken from blekberi agak golap dap dap.. :)

That sedap Mee hailam above ( according to my tekak lar ), is about 3/4 packets of mee sbb terlebey kuah sudah with so many chic cuts,sotong,udang & fish cake.mcm xberbaloi nk msk only for one plate,so ended up msk until 3/4 .still left sket mee in case emergency i need the stock ( ha..ha.)..
I ate until habis ok.siap bwk pegi opis lagi.alhamdulillah,home cook is always is doing good.bravo !!!

And I hate all kind of santan based ( be it curry,masak lemak ),to think of that also make me started to loya,so,I didn't dare to cook this kind of food.

So,today I tried eating twister from kfc.I know fast food is not good.well,not that everyday I will take them rite ?last week had the prosperity burger with the twister fries.luckily I'm still not in the tak boleh tidoq mlm person kalu xdpt mkn apa yg I nak.I eat but still watch out on the sugar n salt level of coz.hmm..I should try to control my big eater during night,one of my colleaugue kata I gained weight.owh,not that I want to hide from everybody about the little joy,but,its still too early to announce.wait,until next months,or until everybody in the office keep telling me that I'm fat.ha..ha..

The most important,I still sihat walafiat,alhamdulillah..moga Allah terus bagi me n baby good health.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alhamdullillah...rezeki dari Allah

As salam.

lama betul rasa xmenulis kt,hari2 pon blogwalking.just don't feel like to vlog,even a word..padahal,so many things of cos..

& latest ,alhamdullilah..rezeki yg tidak terduga dari Allah...iaituuuuuuuuuu.............................


the +ve UPT

Actually,ms blk kg hari tu,both mum's ada tnya if i got something,since my perut is always boncitss sket kan,so,i kata no,mmg pon that time dunno ada apa2 ke x.cuma,i tgh tunggu my period lah.a little bit late.
I plak mmg jot down kt planner my period since then ,bkn sbb dah kawin.saja nk,selalunya,bila time tu sampai,mmg sharp la dia tiba..but but..this month..nang hado..mmg,of coz tercurious jugak..pon,xnak check..tunggu lagi..who knows hormone change ke apa kan..

Tapi,aku mula felt something like..felt something u know- mother feeling ke ?,beli UPT kt guardian..tu pon blur xtau nk beli yg mana,.ok,amik plg murah sajork..blk umah,xjugak rasa nk test..tunggu ms tu tinggal a weeks+ nk,mcm xnak amik kisah..but but...what makes me still nak buat jugak coz asal kul 10 pm je ,normally after masterchef ( sempat lagi tu ),terus flat krooh krooh xsedar smpi pagi..

ok,fine..balik keje tu terus test..n benar lah tekaan ku...+ve yo !!! ..mixed feeling ms tu.dunno what to say.hubs lum blk opis.memula rasa cam..ala..awal,pastu excited..ya,i'm not young anymore ( i meant, we),why should least dpt sorang,leh tutup mulut2 yg suke tnya bila nk dpt bb walhal baru nk msk bulan ke 4 kawin ..LOL..

Then we went to panel office,masa kt sana,doc ckp mmg dah ada..he did scan.that doc is so friendly,mcm2 dia explain..we had a good chat..maklum la 1st time..dia ckp,aku strong je.tgk ms 2nd mth akan muntah2 ke x..coz, at 5 weeks ( on 3/12/2011) ,no sign of muntah ..makan ttp mcm biasa..ha..ha..

our little joy is coming

& as i wrote today,approaching 7 weeks,alhamdulillah,belum ada morning/night sickness..cuma,tdo mmg,tp leh plak layan ombak rindu midnite..he..he..cuma,i dah start xleh bau benda2 hanyir ni lelama..contoh,still masak..hubs plak xbg msk sbb end up he will eat alone sbb i cannot telan nasi anymore during night..mee boleh plak..

mcm2 tnya dgn doc,esp pasal nk travel to somewhere far ( about 24 hours flight journey) with parents & hubs..whether its ok to go..but,still early bcoz it was planned on May 2012..aku mmg pasrah kalu xdpt pegi..mmg pasrah habis..for the sake of baby &,berserah & tgk keadaan...insya allah,Allah will.Allah knows best...

As early start,aku cuma minum susu enfamama & consume asid folik yg doc month for 1st check up,still dunno nk pegi klinik mana.& amik jugak kurma 3 biji with kismis for baby brain & health..sunnah nabi juga..

Hopefully,my little joy will put his/her strong will to mummy,so that i'm able to travel an hourly drive everyday to far he/she is doing good in there..good anak..insya allah...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

balik kg lagi..

As salam..

Rasa like baru je balik dr kg ms raya haji ari tu..xsmpi 2 weeks we blk lagi bcoz,hubs nye kazen kawin.
Ini 1st wedding in his pak ngah's family ,so we decided to go back.kena la tunjuk muka since during our big day hari tu, they & family helped a lot. In fact, during engagement pon, they are the wakil..

Actually kan, tarikh 27 Januari -awal Muharam tu,suppose to be our wedding date. but, the date di percepatkan,jadi la we kawin on 23rd July bcoz my sis tgh summer holidays before she fly back to new york.tapi,ada hikmahnya kan..sbb if we kawin date ni,xke bertembung dgn hubs kazen nye date.& kebetulan plak my parents is moving house to somewhere,mesti la akan jdk a bit chaotic kan.

We gerak blk on friday nite & arrived Perlis dah almost 9 am ( sbb 3 kali stop tdo kowt ).Malam tu ,terus g tgk akad nikah & tdo umah in law .the next day, pegi kenduri lepak sana sampai 3 pm,gerak balik.mula ingat nk blk umah,tp since in law still kt tmpt kenduri,we pegi la kt the store kgr.the only shopping kompleks yg besar kt kgr.besar mana ? xbesar mana,ada bowling ok..sempat main 1 game dgn pki baju kurung..ok,fine,kalah sbb pki baju kurung ok.. :) baru betul ye,mana da gumuk..tembam skettttttttttttt je...

After dah puas membowling,singgah kuala perlis la nk pekena laksa..apa kes balik perlis,xmkn laksa kan ? harus la beb..mana nk carik laksa beras terbaik wok..Kak su laksa ni dah lama otai laksa kt pekan kola ni.since my ayah keja dulu,dia mmg sentiasa order from her.& masa my wed hari tu pon ,order 10 kg laksa from her & dia sendiri yg dtg antar ye..

restoren ni penuh ye,ni duduk plg depan dah...dkt kaunter lagi..

laku xlaku laksa dia,sampaikan we sampai kena tunggu 15 mins just for seating & 15 mins for laksa..laksa aje ye,benda yg dah siap..still lambat sbb org penuh.restoren tu dah buka 2 pintu ,pon org penuh,siap berebut meja kowt..

tapi,by the time laksa sampai..perghh..xpandang mana dah..terus slurp slurp..tetiba licin..sedapnya..laksa beras & kuah pekat..biasa RM3 ,special RM4.

air 3 layer RM 3 for us

laksa beras kak su with kuah pekat

punya la takut ketagih bila blk kl kan,so esoknya,before we balik kl, siap singgah pekena lagi,kali ni org dah xramai sbb we pegi ms lunch..since pagi dah mkn nasi kandar,so,tgh hari mkn laksa..mmg mengancam sgt...puas ^_______________#

& we jugak smpt singgah Masjid Al-Hussain.,masjid terapung kt kuala,sayangnya,ms tu tgh air surut,xnmpk like floating lah..keruh je bwh tu...btw,janji dah sampai..xde la,org tnya pastu xsure kt mana..malu woooo...nama ja org perlis.. (------------------)

sebelum balik,smpt lagi ambil angin petang kt pantai..siap p sampai ke sg bharu sana..ingat lagi dulu,pas habis spm,teringin sesgt nk naik bot nelayan tu..jadik,pas habis je exam,tumpang tdoq kt hostel ( since suma bdk cuti,warden xstrict sgt,bdk luar bleh lepak hostel ) ,pastu pepagi ikut member yg ayah dia keja nelayan..merasa naik bot nelayan tu..happy,siap xcerita apa kt parents sbb takut kena rotan..ha..ha..memandai ja ko g laut ek..keh..keh..

bot mcm ni la naik dulu,best sgt ok..

well,blk kg ni ibarat membawa kenangan lampau..tmpt dilahirkan,dibesarkan..even org slalu buat lawak bodoh ala2 menyakitkan hati like 'eh,apa ada kt sana ek ..kecik sgt,round bout pon satu je'..'eh,apa org kt situ keja ek".."eh,hotel ada ke kt sana kalu nk pegi" & mcm2 silly question...mcm kan org perlis ni keja nya bersawah aje ye..
mcm xde org keje doktor ke,pensyarah ke,bankers ke,lawyer ke,cikgu ke..adoi..sungguh la akal pendek..

btw,i love my perlis so much.negeri yg byk berjasa utk kami semua...


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