Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New procedure to apply for visa

As salam.

Pagi ni awal2 pg dh so semangat check requirement for visa to US..mak aih,dh la tiket nk g sana around rm5k ++ ,pastu visa lak around rm 450 ( usd 140 )..kerek lah US govt ni,ingat org hadap sgt nk pegi negara aku hadap..dah mimpi2 niagara fall ni..^____________________^

Copy paste from the website :

New requirement for Visa

The U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is pleased to announce changes in procedures for applying for a nonimmigrant visa:

How To Apply For A U.S. Visa 

Step 1 Obtain a visa photo. See my/ my-niv-photoinfo.html for requirements

no hal for pic..plg cepat & efektif amik dkt ampang point.kt sana most of photo shop ada std ,just mention nk p negara mana,then dok atas kerusi,no sengih2..siapppppppp.....

Step 2 Complete the visa application online at Print the Confirmation Page when finished.

buat online pulak..siap kena upload digital photo plak tu.mmg tugas tambahan to apply for parents.

Step 3 Pay the fee at any Malaysian branch of Standard Chartered Bank. Bring your passport and the printed confirmation sheet. (If you have a Standard Chartered account, you can pay online. See

start 2010,fee dh naik from usd 131 to usd 140 ...nangessssssssssss..
std chartered ???why la guna bank ni..punya la susah nk cari kaunter dh move in to tmpt plg bz lak tu...damn damn..

Step 4 Go to to make an appointment for an interview at the Embassy, or call 03-2302-3988. (You must wait at least 4 hours after paying the fee). When making an appointment, you will also choose where you want your passport sent if your visa is approved.

ngada dah baya,lagi nk kena tunggu.& being known embassy,rsnya should be patient enough to deal with them sbb so many cases kt opis ni,delegate waited for ages just nk tunggu embassy buka..sbb plg utama,the workers la yg kurang efficient.

Step 5 Come to the Embassy for your interview on the appointed day. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.
sesudah subuh pon boleh smpi la.

Step 6 Passports with visas will be returned to you at your home or business at no extra cost, or you may opt to pick them up at one of several service centers around Malaysia. You will specify the method and address when you make your appointment (Step 4).

ok,i will pick up off xsmpi 5 mins drive dh smpi embassy

NOTE: Receipts purchased in the past from Alliance Bank will remain valid for one year after the date of payment. But applicants will need to call the above phone number to make appointments; if the fee was paid at Alliance Bank, the appointment cannot be made via the web site.

ok,of all above..kena take note ...buat photo dulu,submit on9 & bayo fee baru kol drg buat appointment,,parents have to settle kan ( in 1 day pon kan beres ni ) ,baru kan buat interview..

so,boring kan..apa la nk interview tu nk g tgk anak konvo la.xkan nk g perang boring !!!

p/s : pray hard i can join them ..please please..nk sgt g us..

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