Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me & my approaching 8 weeks

As salam.

Next week will be my 1st check up kt klinik kesihatan.still xtau where to go.Ada few options - either TTDI, Kelana Jaya or Sg Buloh. I'm so eager to go for TTDI sbb most reviews said situ xramai org pegi.reason y ? org TTDI kaya kowt,semua baya sendiri ^______________^..xde lah, because, usually semua yg bagi address with Selangor ( eventhough u stay in PJ ,Bandar Damansara or like mine Kota Damansara) nanti,nurse will suruh pegi either KJ or Sg Buloh. Ye ke ?? hmm..i'm gonna try my luck jugak,lets see what happen next week.

& I made decision ,to go check up & scan kt Poliklinik near my house since I like the doc very much ( tp husben xbrp sbb doc laki & non-muslim) he sooo baik la.but,c how la.or else kena cari doc lain sbb I need my gynea to approve my travel masa May nanti..insya allah..

Talking bout pregnancy,alhamdulillah..still morning sickness free..alhamdulillah..cuma,night a little bit flat.owh,I just got my Shaklee vits from a fren.there's a lot u know.but,demi baby,telan aje la.I need to take 4 times vits.until now,still disiplin sbb dah tampal siap2 kt fridge jadual mkn..-_______-

Past few days,I felt dizzy so badly & a little bit lar ...nk mkn xlalu.dunno what to,mkn jugak sbb takut lapar.but,mlm dah xmkn.least that I know this habit is no no..totally WRONG !!!.. i need to eat.1st I thought because of approaching 2 mths,so,maybe la I will start any new simptom ke apa kan..but,WRONG again..actually,sbb xmkn tu lah,I suffering of the dizziness.ha,when I goggled,baru tau.LOL...upenya,I cant let my stomach empty.I ni siap biar perut bunyi krok krok sbb xlalu punya pasal & satu lagi sbb takut gemuk ??? seriusly,during my cousin's engagement that day, everybody thought I'm pregnant more than 4 mths..hallo...i'm not yet 2 mths..sedih ok !!! how la,they xjaga my heart ni..nasib sedara sendiri..sengih2 aje..

then,bila i timbang,goshhh.....mcm nk tercabut mata tgk dh 65 kg's ..means,i dah put on weight 5 kg's.last during my wedding,my weight around 58 kg's & then I know I put on weight sikit,so I guess ms tu around 60 kg's,that's mean,in my 1st ni I dah naik mcm,what do u expect me to be in another 8 dah jdk belon,with that simple reason,I stopped myself from eating which is,now,I back to normal ( alhamdulillah )...I had arranged some schedules for myself..iaitu..mkn skit tp kerap..u know la,my tummy will start singing every 2 so want food ke mummy yg hover ni..

So,what I did :

Am - breakfast Milo with roti ( 1 aje )
       - Takes 2 Vit ( Multivitamin & B-complex )

Tea break - snacking ( biskut Jacobs or any wheat )

Lunch - nasi with normal portion lebih lauks ( mcm biasa std )
           - Vits

Tea break - yogurt /Jacobs again / snacking ( very light )

Night - roti ( nasi sgt jarang ) ,fruits, kurma & Vits

& alhamdulillah,only 1 day I tried this ,& it works,,no more headache..cuma dizzy ala2 manja aje..xde la smpi xleh nk ngadap pc..kalu x,mmg minyak cap kapak tu jadik my best,I will practised this insya allah..takut nk mkn byk..kang susah plak nk turun berat nanti... :p

the super sedap nasi kerabu :)

Tapi,today,what I did ms tea break pagi, I amik protion nasi kerabu yg I bought for lunch ( sbb nasi tu byk sgt ) & ate some. so,ms lunch,portion tu dah,xde la membazir sbb usually I akan end up buang je sbb xlarat nk masuk,for tea break later, bought yogurt drink & some fish ball ( ok,ni maybe xbrp elok ),tp only 1 cucuk je sbb boring la mkn Jacobs aje kan..alhamdulillah,I xde la mengidam apa2 ..well,wait for the next...he..he..

Alamak..lapar balik..............................:(

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby's stuff & bfeed

As salam.

I'm not yet 2 mths.I'm not yet past my 1st trimester,but already looking for some important baby stuffs . Read : Baby stuffs = breast pumps,multivitamin.

I really doa that I can fully breastfeed my little joy like my mak did back time.I was fully breastfeeding until 5 years be exact,until I got to kindergarten ( u read it right : 5 years old ).U know,my mak slalu ckp,blk tadika,I will tolak my younger bro ( in a way nk rebut susu la) ,at the end he ended up minum susu lembu.who else in the family has such long time attachment with mak,if not,as I'm getting pregnant now,I always aim & doa in my heart that I must bfeed my little joy no matter what.

Based to sister's history ,both of them were surrended bfeed the moment the pantang habis.If I'm not mistaken,not even habis pantang pon.So,I did a lot of reading,googling & blogwalking to see how la,coz the reason why they stop bfeed bcoz they were undergo thru c-sec.Of coz,who ever want c-sec,but,we dunno what we will go thru the,I found something interesting,that,c-sec also can produce milks like normal least,my confidence is back.I read a lot about Shaklee..hey,who on earth dunno this brand right ? me,obviously never tried,but when I read all the reviews,the products itself makes me 50% confidence on this brand.U know,in Islam also,we need to doa & usaha right ? ^____________________^.in case susu tetiba xnak kuar plak.

should i choose Avent ?

or Medela ??? hmmmm

As fully bfeed baby,I hardly sakit,if demam until 40 'c pon,still can mak ckp,I plg sng nk jaga coz plg senang sihat.I believe,others than Allah's will,the bfeed time until 5 years old helps a lot.Alhamdulillah,my pregnancy ni,xde sakit teruk,di sebabkan I a little bit scared,mana la tau,msk 2nd month,baru nk shows the sign,so,I decided to consume multivitamin.that's my doc advise when I was confirmed with 5 weeks pregnant.urghh...anything bout the little joy,gonna sacrifice a lot for you dear !!!

& not only that I concerned, I also started searching for Medela & Avent breast pump.lucky,my colleaugeu is bfeeding her 1 year daughter & she will pumps everyday in surau.& she's using,I did search on this two branded items..u know,the spirit nk bfeed like membuak2.hopefully ,I manage to do that & hubs will fully support on this.

Other than save cost on milks, I really want my little joy attach with me.I really positive I can do that.insya allah..we should try before giving up.thus,I already made a decision,to take set berpantang from Shaklee & not forgotten jamu jugak. ( in case jamu too hot, I will say bye bye terus aje )..

Owh,of coz I read a lot about what drinks/foods to boost the milk.hmm...can't wait until that moment la.ha..ha..too early ,but we have to start thinking what is the best for our little joy.I also think to use cloth diapers,maybe during weekends/nights time, ye lah,hantar pengasuh,I don't think they want all remeh2 ni.this is just plan,or else,if not works,then I will stick to pampers la..ha..ha..but but,bfeed is a must.wajib !!! insya allah...

Ok,till then..go research again..byk nk kena cari info ni...bye....

At 7 weeks

As salam.

Wah,still early huh to blog about what kind of changes I experienced during,I had discover that I can't eat any nasik during,what I did now,I will eat ( try best to finish one normal plate-sblm ni I hate taking nasi-amik sesenduk with byk lauks sbb nk diet kunun) during lunch hour.coz,that the only time I can eat nasi.well,being malaysian,nasi can't get rid of our daily menu of coz.benci2 nasi pon,I can't stand not having it more than a week.

And nite time,I perasan I can eat anything but nasi is no,yesterday I cooked mee hailam & can finished it one plate.imagine,dh brp mlm I can't eat sbb time tu I mmg msk nasi for dinner as usual.I can only eat satu suap then,hubs decided,me not cooking for dinner ( yeay !! )...btw,its not that yeay jugak coz I loves,still got lots of binatang inside fridge that we bought last weekend kt pasar tani :)

Mee hailam taken from blekberi agak golap dap dap.. :)

That sedap Mee hailam above ( according to my tekak lar ), is about 3/4 packets of mee sbb terlebey kuah sudah with so many chic cuts,sotong,udang & fish cake.mcm xberbaloi nk msk only for one plate,so ended up msk until 3/4 .still left sket mee in case emergency i need the stock ( ha..ha.)..
I ate until habis ok.siap bwk pegi opis lagi.alhamdulillah,home cook is always is doing good.bravo !!!

And I hate all kind of santan based ( be it curry,masak lemak ),to think of that also make me started to loya,so,I didn't dare to cook this kind of food.

So,today I tried eating twister from kfc.I know fast food is not good.well,not that everyday I will take them rite ?last week had the prosperity burger with the twister fries.luckily I'm still not in the tak boleh tidoq mlm person kalu xdpt mkn apa yg I nak.I eat but still watch out on the sugar n salt level of coz.hmm..I should try to control my big eater during night,one of my colleaugue kata I gained weight.owh,not that I want to hide from everybody about the little joy,but,its still too early to announce.wait,until next months,or until everybody in the office keep telling me that I'm fat.ha..ha..

The most important,I still sihat walafiat,alhamdulillah..moga Allah terus bagi me n baby good health.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alhamdullillah...rezeki dari Allah

As salam.

lama betul rasa xmenulis kt,hari2 pon blogwalking.just don't feel like to vlog,even a word..padahal,so many things of cos..

& latest ,alhamdullilah..rezeki yg tidak terduga dari Allah...iaituuuuuuuuuu.............................


the +ve UPT

Actually,ms blk kg hari tu,both mum's ada tnya if i got something,since my perut is always boncitss sket kan,so,i kata no,mmg pon that time dunno ada apa2 ke x.cuma,i tgh tunggu my period lah.a little bit late.
I plak mmg jot down kt planner my period since then ,bkn sbb dah kawin.saja nk,selalunya,bila time tu sampai,mmg sharp la dia tiba..but but..this month..nang hado..mmg,of coz tercurious jugak..pon,xnak check..tunggu lagi..who knows hormone change ke apa kan..

Tapi,aku mula felt something like..felt something u know- mother feeling ke ?,beli UPT kt guardian..tu pon blur xtau nk beli yg mana,.ok,amik plg murah sajork..blk umah,xjugak rasa nk test..tunggu ms tu tinggal a weeks+ nk,mcm xnak amik kisah..but but...what makes me still nak buat jugak coz asal kul 10 pm je ,normally after masterchef ( sempat lagi tu ),terus flat krooh krooh xsedar smpi pagi..

ok,fine..balik keje tu terus test..n benar lah tekaan ku...+ve yo !!! ..mixed feeling ms tu.dunno what to say.hubs lum blk opis.memula rasa cam..ala..awal,pastu excited..ya,i'm not young anymore ( i meant, we),why should least dpt sorang,leh tutup mulut2 yg suke tnya bila nk dpt bb walhal baru nk msk bulan ke 4 kawin ..LOL..

Then we went to panel office,masa kt sana,doc ckp mmg dah ada..he did scan.that doc is so friendly,mcm2 dia explain..we had a good chat..maklum la 1st time..dia ckp,aku strong je.tgk ms 2nd mth akan muntah2 ke x..coz, at 5 weeks ( on 3/12/2011) ,no sign of muntah ..makan ttp mcm biasa..ha..ha..

our little joy is coming

& as i wrote today,approaching 7 weeks,alhamdulillah,belum ada morning/night sickness..cuma,tdo mmg,tp leh plak layan ombak rindu midnite..he..he..cuma,i dah start xleh bau benda2 hanyir ni lelama..contoh,still masak..hubs plak xbg msk sbb end up he will eat alone sbb i cannot telan nasi anymore during night..mee boleh plak..

mcm2 tnya dgn doc,esp pasal nk travel to somewhere far ( about 24 hours flight journey) with parents & hubs..whether its ok to go..but,still early bcoz it was planned on May 2012..aku mmg pasrah kalu xdpt pegi..mmg pasrah habis..for the sake of baby &,berserah & tgk keadaan...insya allah,Allah will.Allah knows best...

As early start,aku cuma minum susu enfamama & consume asid folik yg doc month for 1st check up,still dunno nk pegi klinik mana.& amik jugak kurma 3 biji with kismis for baby brain & health..sunnah nabi juga..

Hopefully,my little joy will put his/her strong will to mummy,so that i'm able to travel an hourly drive everyday to far he/she is doing good in there..good anak..insya allah...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

balik kg lagi..

As salam..

Rasa like baru je balik dr kg ms raya haji ari tu..xsmpi 2 weeks we blk lagi bcoz,hubs nye kazen kawin.
Ini 1st wedding in his pak ngah's family ,so we decided to go back.kena la tunjuk muka since during our big day hari tu, they & family helped a lot. In fact, during engagement pon, they are the wakil..

Actually kan, tarikh 27 Januari -awal Muharam tu,suppose to be our wedding date. but, the date di percepatkan,jadi la we kawin on 23rd July bcoz my sis tgh summer holidays before she fly back to new york.tapi,ada hikmahnya kan..sbb if we kawin date ni,xke bertembung dgn hubs kazen nye date.& kebetulan plak my parents is moving house to somewhere,mesti la akan jdk a bit chaotic kan.

We gerak blk on friday nite & arrived Perlis dah almost 9 am ( sbb 3 kali stop tdo kowt ).Malam tu ,terus g tgk akad nikah & tdo umah in law .the next day, pegi kenduri lepak sana sampai 3 pm,gerak balik.mula ingat nk blk umah,tp since in law still kt tmpt kenduri,we pegi la kt the store kgr.the only shopping kompleks yg besar kt kgr.besar mana ? xbesar mana,ada bowling ok..sempat main 1 game dgn pki baju kurung..ok,fine,kalah sbb pki baju kurung ok.. :) baru betul ye,mana da gumuk..tembam skettttttttttttt je...

After dah puas membowling,singgah kuala perlis la nk pekena laksa..apa kes balik perlis,xmkn laksa kan ? harus la beb..mana nk carik laksa beras terbaik wok..Kak su laksa ni dah lama otai laksa kt pekan kola ni.since my ayah keja dulu,dia mmg sentiasa order from her.& masa my wed hari tu pon ,order 10 kg laksa from her & dia sendiri yg dtg antar ye..

restoren ni penuh ye,ni duduk plg depan dah...dkt kaunter lagi..

laku xlaku laksa dia,sampaikan we sampai kena tunggu 15 mins just for seating & 15 mins for laksa..laksa aje ye,benda yg dah siap..still lambat sbb org penuh.restoren tu dah buka 2 pintu ,pon org penuh,siap berebut meja kowt..

tapi,by the time laksa sampai..perghh..xpandang mana dah..terus slurp slurp..tetiba licin..sedapnya..laksa beras & kuah pekat..biasa RM3 ,special RM4.

air 3 layer RM 3 for us

laksa beras kak su with kuah pekat

punya la takut ketagih bila blk kl kan,so esoknya,before we balik kl, siap singgah pekena lagi,kali ni org dah xramai sbb we pegi ms lunch..since pagi dah mkn nasi kandar,so,tgh hari mkn laksa..mmg mengancam sgt...puas ^_______________#

& we jugak smpt singgah Masjid Al-Hussain.,masjid terapung kt kuala,sayangnya,ms tu tgh air surut,xnmpk like floating lah..keruh je bwh tu...btw,janji dah sampai..xde la,org tnya pastu xsure kt mana..malu woooo...nama ja org perlis.. (------------------)

sebelum balik,smpt lagi ambil angin petang kt pantai..siap p sampai ke sg bharu sana..ingat lagi dulu,pas habis spm,teringin sesgt nk naik bot nelayan tu..jadik,pas habis je exam,tumpang tdoq kt hostel ( since suma bdk cuti,warden xstrict sgt,bdk luar bleh lepak hostel ) ,pastu pepagi ikut member yg ayah dia keja nelayan..merasa naik bot nelayan tu..happy,siap xcerita apa kt parents sbb takut kena rotan..ha..ha..memandai ja ko g laut ek..keh..keh..

bot mcm ni la naik dulu,best sgt ok..

well,blk kg ni ibarat membawa kenangan lampau..tmpt dilahirkan,dibesarkan..even org slalu buat lawak bodoh ala2 menyakitkan hati like 'eh,apa ada kt sana ek ..kecik sgt,round bout pon satu je'..'eh,apa org kt situ keja ek".."eh,hotel ada ke kt sana kalu nk pegi" & mcm2 silly question...mcm kan org perlis ni keja nya bersawah aje ye..
mcm xde org keje doktor ke,pensyarah ke,bankers ke,lawyer ke,cikgu ke..adoi..sungguh la akal pendek..

btw,i love my perlis so much.negeri yg byk berjasa utk kami semua...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

suka atau duka..Allah maha mengetahui..dedikasi utk seorg sahabat

As salam.

Today,semua Msian happy..g keje sengih..g makan sengih..citer psl sukan sea ni mmg xakan habis..maybe until next sea games another 2 years..hoh,mmg we deserved it..kt FB,tweeter..suma menghupdate je ..termsk la aku..wah..galak la kt wall aku men post2..rancak weh..kt umah aku berdua je ngan laki,tapi jerit mcm kedai mamak jugak..

sambil2 mkn bread puding,ngap ngap..jerit jerit...wah..syiok la..agak2 jiran sblh aku ni menyumpah aku ke x eh..he..he...selalu tu senyap aje la..tetiba ..fuhh ..main jerit2 weh..

Btw,Allah tu maha besar..DIA yg maha mengetahui..cukup2 la citer psl we menang gold football smpi di sini..yg penting maruah MALAYSIA,seriously,kalu kita xmenang smlm pon,DIA juga tahu..they all play well..syukur syukur..

Stop about happy,now aku nk share sikit story,yg aku harap akan sentiasa menyedarkan aku tntg kekuasaan ALLAH..moga aku xakan lalai sebagai hamba nya..xakan alpa..sentiasa bersyukur atas kurniaan NYA.berat mata memandang,berat lagi yg memikul..

Aku ada sahabat yg aku kenai since secondary. D we panggil..comel orgnya..aku penah sekelas dgn dia masa Form 3. D ni org kl,tp,dia ikut parent dia ke Perlis sbb ayah dia keje kastam/imigresen kt Pdg Besar masa tu.aku penah g umah dia ngan member2 ..naik bus ko..g lunch..mak dia pon baik betui.cantik mcm dia jugak..

hoih...hodoh betul aku ms form 3..hua..hua..last day nk cuti rasanya ni

Itu 1st time aku naik bus jauh smpi pdg besar wei..maklum,aku ni g skool dgn ayah,ayah aku blk kerja kang,dia akan pick,jarang sgt la nk merasa naik bus,unless ada aktiviti petang..kalu rasa nk menggatal..naik la bus..sbb boleh usya bebdk skool lain..kata sek all girls..gatei la xdak laki kt skool kan..
Eh..gatal bdk dulu xsama ngan now..haik,bdk skang..main tegur2,tampar2 mcm kan itu abg ko ye..Berani usya2 je lah..gile ko nk mengediks,ayah aku tu org jabatan pendidikan,bus stand tu berdepan je ngan building Pendidikan Pelajaran tu..lum sempat balik umah,dah smpi ke telinga bapak aku karang..

Ok..back to D..we sama kelas until she moved back to kl..masa tu dah lost kejap until 2008,we jumpa balik..kt mana ? kt FB ye..FB ni byk connect ngan geng smkap..ngan senior2..geng sek ren suma..pastu,we planned buat reunion smkap..ramai jugak actually stay kt area kl/s.alam,but xramai turn up..
D yg organise..dia buat kt umah dia.We buat pot luck.D order karipap telur ( besaq tul curry puff tu ),aku msk spageti bolognease,yani bwk kfc,cik piah bwk kek indulgence.7 org je turn up..yg lain tu,tetiba kansel..ada yg segan..mcm2 la..

pot luck on the day..kfc yani punya

nyum nyum..sapa bwk satay ni D jugak order..spageti aku msk tau.. :p

us,after more than 13 years back

depan : D, aku & Dah. blkg from left : mizan,yani & mazni..

hoi..bersungguh2 si D ngan camera dia tu

After that reunion,lama D sepi aje..slalu tu ada jugak dia komen2 kt fb.upenya she's pregnant. opps..lupe,ms reunion tu dia still in honeymoon mood..perantin baru..pastu..dia deliver..masya allah,her daughter is so pretty..pretty ni cantik..just like D ( sbb aku xpenah jumpa hubby dia face to aku rasa muka Dian mcm D ..)
tp,aku still xsmpt nk g jenguk dia..padahal bkn jauh sgt umah dia tu..

Then...after months...we sgt shocked dgr yg baby tu kena admitted.ingat kes biasa..upenya,she got tumor..subhanallah..imagine,a baby yg belum pon msk 1 year old,kena operate bcoz of brain tumor.maha suci Allah..firman berkata : Allah menguji manusia utk menilai keimanan kita sbg hamba nya  & DIA hanya menguji mereka yg mampu utk menghadapi ujian itu..
aku yakin,D adalah org bertuah itu..

D,aku xmintak izin ko nk publish kt sini...niat aku ikhlas,,hanya berkongsi ..supaya sesiapa yg terbaca ini..akan sentiasa mendoakan yg terbaik tuk D,Dian & husband..

the pretty girl of D

Petikan FB D :

akan merindui wajah sebegini..>>byk info harini dr docs>>isnin depan akan di tranfer ke HKL (menaiki ambulance-kena sampai sana 9am)>>kena buat kimo-planning dlm 1thn process nyer>>PNET cancer yg ada kt Dian adalah kes yg sgt2 jarang kena pada baby>>mungkin da ada sejak saya mengandungkan die>>dan akan ada jangka hayat utk Dian>>die xakan normal mcm knk2 lain lg sbb da kacau sistem saraf otak-mungkinkah akan Dian akan duduk cm dlm gmbo ni (sbnrnya sya sgt jeles tgk anak2 kwn2 yg da berjalan yg sebaya die)>>>>urmm byk lg info tp sye xtau da nk cter..dlm keadaan skrg saya amatlah pasrah dan redha..terima kasih kpd semua keluarga & sahabat2 yg telah melawat kami dan tak putus2 doakan kesejahteraan buat Dian~~harta yg sgt2 bernilai ini~love xoxo

Paling aku terkesan :

Petikan FB D :

tepat waktu hari kelahirannya pertama.ubun2 Dian da keras;) kelmarin Dian da start panggil mak..0h bahagianya.hikmah setiap kejadian..ameen.xoxo

subhanallah..benar lah syurga itu di bawah tapak kaki ibu..aku teringat betapa mak aku juga adalah insan yg sentiasa bertungkus lumus membesarkan allah..aku juga bakal menjadi ibu..terkesan sgt2..

& aku sentiasa ikuti update D kt wall dia..sesungguhnya,D adalah seorg ibu yg tabah & Dian is so lucky to have her as a mother.moga Allah terus merahmati pasangan D & Idan.
amin ..amin...

p/s : actually,ada pic masa Dian kt kemo,operation,but aku rasa xperlu aku show kt sini without D's consent..cuma,sesiapa yg terbaca blog ni..doa kan semoga keluarga ini mengharungi dugaan ini dgn tenang & sabar.

Eja dress vs mine :)

As salam..

Saja je entry kali ni.....

Eja masa FFM yesterday night...

and ...........................................

this is me during my big day

spot the difference ??? hoih..muka xsama lah,sbb i'm talking bout the dress..ada iras iras sipi2 kan..kan..ok.fine..aku perasan la ni ye..but,the moment aku tgk Eja naik atas stage smlm,terus aku cam mcm ala2 dress masa aku kawin ritu la...

ho..ho...ada iras iras x...DRESS ok !!!DRESS !!! .....................

ala,kecoh kan..padahal,aku pon curik ilham from mag Pengantin,pastu beli lace,chiffon,satin ,then send kt tailor..owh..nostalgia betui carik kain tu..masa dpt idea dress ni,aku & bf ,aza g Jakel.pastu,nmpk kt mag dress ni..aku dah meroyan2 nak jugak design tu,so,aza tlg snap & print kt aku..

pastu,xlama pastu..pas dah ada date nk kawin,bln 5 ms tu,aku kontek akak tailor aza tu,& antar kain..lace tu beli kt Madras Jln Tar..murah je RM 199 for 2 metres..yg baju recep lagi satu,lace tu mahai sket..1 meter dlm RM 200 kot..sbb aku beli 2 metres,almost RM400 ..dpt diskaun jugak..

but,the chiffon tu mmg aku double suka.aku dah jelajah all kedai masa tu kt Jln Tar..kamdar,nagoya,kedai2 kecik kt situ,sari maya,gulatis..but no materials can beat Jakel punya chiffon..dia berat but very soft..nicely jatuh ikut body (nak nak kalu jenis bolat2 cam aku ni )
the crepe satin & silk satin pon aku beli from Jakel..since aza penah keje dgn 1 of designer butik dulu,so,dia dpt rega designer ya...
sgt2 murah i tell u...tuk both recep,all chiffon & satins tu aku dpt lebey murah dari lace mahai tu ye..

ok..stop about wedding nye citer..dah basi..yg penting..dress eja lebey kurang dress aku..suke..pasti nya dia lebih mahai yo ..tgk lace dia pon canteks bebeno..

ok..itu aje...^______________________^

Weekend activities.

As salam..

Alahai,cepat nya masa berlalu..dah nk habis Nov dah..aku ni nak exam weh bln dec nanti..apa kah,buku tak buka2 lagi.Weekend adalah aktiviti santai & mkn2..mana la xgemuk.pastu sibuk pki PB sbb hujung minggu ni nk blk kg,takut org kata aku preggy plak..owh,sungguh xhowt ok,org ingt ko preggy padahal ko buncit..*blush*

Jadiknya,hari sabtu,menu nya adalah :

asam pedas ikan pari with buah kundur,mempelam kicap & pekasam lampam

Since mempelam yg my mil bagi ada lagi,so habiskan stok ..sedap tau mempelam tu letak kicap manis,kicap masin & kicap pekat..pastu gaul dgn cabai melaka..kena plak ngan pekasam..perghh..sedap weh..semua habis licin xsempat nk ulang dinner... :)

Pastu,hari ahad menu adalah :

ulaman,ikan kembung grg & rendang betik

rendang betik ?

Yg rendang betik tu ,laki ai masak..wah,berkecah dapur ye sekali dia msk..huru hara xyah ckp..mak aih..pening..since dia xpenah msk lagi so far,so,kita kena redha sahaja ye..sbb nanti byk komplen kalu,dia dh xnak try msk lagi..jadik,kena harus puji memuji di situ.

Rendang betik ? aku pon xpenah mkn..actually,rasa dia mcm pajeri nanas tu..sbb ada kerisik..rasa sedap,not bad..cuma sbb 1st time mkn,rasa pelik la sket..laki aku kata,kt kg dia org masak ni ms kenduri..aik..sama negeri pon xtau kan..sbb kg aku..jgn kan kata kg..mak aku pon tak  penah msk benda ni lah..jadik,1st time..

After mkn2,lepaking...aku siap membuta depan tv ,laki plak sibuk main games..petang sket,we pusing2 sg buloh cari pasal..hmm..itu aje la weekend..jumaat mlm nk blk perlis..yeay !!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Santai santai tgk sukan sea

As salam.

Wah,aku suke giller Msia menang  vs,suma org Msia mesti la suke kan..Tapi,aku rasa kan,ada percubaan Indon saje nk jumpa Msia kt final ni.drg saja buat2 kalah,pastu menang blk,pastu lawan balik..kiranya baru la gempak seh dpt menang on final.sian,players Msia smpi kena naik Barracuda balik hotel.dasar ***** betul la org Indon kutuk2 kang

Ok,aku plak cam biasa,mengadap tv tu kena la ada mkn2 depan tv.laki ai jenis paling2 ada kopi o cicah bahulu panas pon layanz..maka nya,hari tu,aku msk cucur kentang & megi goreng perasa kari ( share aje..sharing is caring..padahal mengejar masa sbb game dh start weh... )

megi goreng perasa kari -letak udang,fish cakes & telur grg hancur

bancuhan tepung nk goreng

end product..with sos thai

root beer for me & hot tea for him

Gelas hard rock tu mmg cantik..kekenyangan air minum gelas gedabak cenggitu.itu kenangan ms kt Phuket.HRC ada set drink ,sapa yg beli air tropical freeze tu free dlm RM 64 kot.kira sgt murah la kan,sbb gelas tu cantik..ekslukip lagi tulis HRC Phuket. & air tu pon sgt sedap.actually,blended banana with pineapple..perghh..menitik2 air liur plak bila tingat..sedap sgt..

Waiter HRC tu  penah duk Penang,so he can speak a little bit Malay plus sgt friendly ok.dia ni org sana la,tp muka cam Msian je.dia la yg melayan aku & hubs that night.mcm2 dia borak.& masa nk bayar,dia cuma punch yg tropical fruits set glass tu aje.yg lain,on kan..apa nama dia,dah lupa plak..maklum la,nama siam,susah nk ingat..

and yang mug tu,yg Arsenal tu,pon sama beli kt Phuket.masa tu kedai jual brg Arsenal tu dah nk tutup for good.kedai tu dlm Jungceylon.aku tnya bdk tu,nape nk tutup,dia pon xsure..dah la masa tu,time yg Arsenal kalah teruk ngan Man city ..yg kena kutuk Arsenal masak merah tu..7 gol ek,sblm di malukan lebih teruk,baik tutup aje terus kan..agaknya la.

Mug tu rega RM20 aje.very cheap sbb normal price dlm RM45 & masa tu semua brg less 50%.siap jersey dia tinggai RM50.cantik lak tu..since laki ai kan Arsenal fan ,padahal xde sapa nk minat club tu weiii...mmg die hard fan betui la..

eh,aku ni tgh citer psl sukan sea kan ?..btw..congrates Msia...& kami mkn dgn licin sbb Msia pon dah sumbat gol...horey !!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tiket wayang hadiah dari Nuffnang & TGV

As salam..

Aku baru balik pas mengambik tiket kt Nuffnang.jantung aku tgh berdegup laju lagi ni sbb rushing gile nk g sana. Like entry aku pasal besday aku tu,so,aku gagah kan jugak pegi amik..tiket free beb..4 keping plak tu.dasar suka brg subsidi kan..ehhehe

knowing Jln Sultan Ismail,aku mmg kena plan time.kalu pegi in between lunch,mesti stuck dlm jem & kalu pegi ms hi-tea time tu,mesti stuck jugak sbb org berpusu2 nak balik.Sbb ni 1st time aku g Nuffnang,so I have no idea at all mana la tmpt alah ni..tgk goggle aje la..

Aku actually,dh msk lorong yg betul ke arah opis tu,tp,sbb dari depan tu aku nampak building Heritage,aku ingat itu la bgnan nya .padahal itu Heritage Spa..ok,jln lagi ke depan ( panas nya yg amat hai...kete park tepi2 aje )..apa kes aku nk park kt open parking tu,kena bayo RM3 ..ches..baik je park kejappppppppppppp je kt situ..insya allah*sambil tawakal moga keta kecik aku selamat*.

Jalan2 dok gak blur..hoi mana la building ni.tgk dah betul dah Jalan Yap tu..nasib aku bijak skett ( sgt la )..upenya,sebelah aku je.sengal !!!..

At last jumpa jugak la building ni..mmg heritage..& staff Nuffnang ms tu tgh mkn2..aku suka opis ni nye concept..cuma,sbb ms tu mcm hingar bingar dgn org ( ke staffs dia..or guest ) ,so,rasa mcm a little bit crowded je dlm tu..but,who cares kan ? kekdg..envi yg sempoi tu lagi org suka,dari yg sgt formal kan..

Btw,thanks sbb bagi tiket free ( tiket wayang je..kecoh..lain la tiket g tgk Blogger Award tu..LOL ) least free..itu penting..haks..haks...

Aku tgk byk jugak bloggers2 yg belum redeem tiket tu.berpages2 dia bwk list tadi masa search nama tadi..weii...cepat ar g amik..valid until 15 Jan 2012..xnak,aku sanggup pegi lagi amik..
Ok,aku dah plan nk tgk Twilight & maybe Immortals...hmmm...TGV OU tgh under construction plak..maybe TGV Piramid is the,aku xbrp suke Piramid sbb jem 24/7..xpenah xjam.cukup la 2 thn ulang alik g keje,kalu terpaksa,pegi jugak la situ kan...


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Starts my day with lempeng & sambal bilis :)

As salam.

Smlm ptg aku balik umah, baru perasan,daun kari yg in law bagi tu cantik je naik nye dlm pasu.tau la umah xde tanah ni..nk cucuk tanam susah.since en somi suka sgt mkn kari,mak mentua pon kasi pokok daun kari yg dah di semai complete dgn pasu.tugas kami cuma cari tanah je.aku beli kt Giant je.rm4.50 penuh satu pasu besaq tu..

Al-maklum,kt sini dedaun tu suma nk kena beli..xde pree nk bertanam mana nya aku nk letak serai ke,daun kesum ke bagai..insya allah..impian beli land house xpenah berkubur,tetapi sentiasa azam to work hard,earn more money so that can buy dream house..& most important is DOA..amin..

Pokok kari ni,org utara kata 'daun kala kole'..sila sebut dgn elok,jgn silap sebut..nanti org ingat mencarut plak ye..eheh..cantik je naik daun kari ni...& petikan pertama pon berlaku,tu yg terus decide nk masak gulai tu ( kari is gulai ..sbb ada kwn aku ni org pahang..dia akan sebut gulai..refer to,aku selalu confuse kalu dia sebut gulai,sebab it might be kari or asam pedas or any yg berkuah ).
maka,jadilah gulai udang seperti INI .

daun kari yg subur kt depan umah.. :)

Since smlm pulak,en somi blk lambat,maka aktiviti dapur xberjalan.tapi,aku ni tetiba lapaq..tgk dlm fridge ada pisang 6 biji kakak aku bwk hari tu,so,aku lenyek2,letak tepung gandum,garam..maka jadi lah lempeng xde kelapa pulak mkn hujan2 lain bising jem kt jalan sana sini dlm tweeter drg,aku dah bersilang kaki depan tv makan lempeng & sambal bilis sambil tgk Tentang Dhia.*heaven*..

lempeng tuk minum ptg & dragon fruit
Sudahnya,bancuhan yg lebey tu,aku sempat msk lagi pagi tadi & bwk dtg opis.sambung bfast pulak..ish..sedap betul rasa pisang ni..manis berlemak..ayah aku jugak tu tanam...

Lempeng again for bfast & big cup of hot coffee

Starts a day with beautiful thing.....a must have coffee..baru lah perut kenyang la la la..baru rs happy nk buat keje..ehehehe...selamat bekerja semua !!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Korea lagi...korea..

As salam..

Aku dah lama xtgk drama korea ni.since kawin ni,xsmpt nk buka lap aku xbwk blk laptop opis..laptop laki plak,hari2 dia bantai main game..jadik ,aku hanya mengadap master chef sblm terbongkang zzzz depan tv..kang nanti pas habis en somi ber'juang' tu,dia akan kejut kan aku .
ok,aku berat sketttttttttt,jadi,jalan sendri ye pegi bilik *sadis*..

tetiba,kwn aku bgtau,ada citer thai,tp shoot kt korea.dia kata,memori ni sbb journey to korea.aku plak mmg xde connection kt umah ( bila mau psg unifi ni ??? ) ,so sempat lah b4 blk opis smlm,aku buka 1st part kt youtube..


Hello Stranger ... *full version aku baru dpt kt YT..durations : 2 hours*

since aku baru tgk Part 1,aku xleh la komen smpi habis.basically,citer ni pasal,org thailand g korea.yg bdk pompuan ni g as backpackers & yg bdk laki ni ikut tour.yg agak pelik tu,camne bdk laki ni bleh g ikut tour sensrg..maybe akan citer in other part..

sbb 1st part ni ,bdk laki ni kena dajal ngan member2 dia,so dia g airport xde luggage semua.sehelai sepinggang.& smpi sana,org ikut tour,dia boring je sensrg sbb xde gengs.
pastu kesejukan sbb masa tu tgh 0 degree.

yg minah ni plak,dia tipu boyfren dia,ckp dia g korea ngan kwn dia,but actually she went alone..yg aku suke of cos la,dia tunjuk seoul,ke'peghak' kan minah tu..sama la cam aku..ha..ha..suke suke..tempat2 shooting tu plak exactly yg aku,lagi double guesthouse yg dia duduk tu,aku penah nk,atas sbb2 tertentu,we opt for others...details more at sini ...

Jadik,after Part 1 tu,aku dh ketagih nk tgk next,sbb ni kan filem..which actually 1hour plus je..ok..sabar2..hari ni after office hour,sambung ok tgk...^______^.

So,sapa yg tgh plan nk g Korea tu,tgk la citer ni as a me..hati mesti terkinja2 xsaba nk sampai sana...heheheeh...

Entry bercampur campur

As salam.
Hari isnin aku memsk seperti biasa.apa yg ada dlm fridge tu,aku buat la apa yg boleh.kekdg ulang balik resipi.seyes,aku ni kekdg bleh blur xtau nk msk apa.sbb since weekdays aku mmg msk,jdk pening jugak 5 hari tu nk msk apa.slalu benda ulang2.macam gulai,asam pedas or masak kicap.masak lemak tu ada la jugak in slot sometimes..tu pun..kekdg,aku rasa asik repeat aje lauk utama.

Bila berdua aje yg nk mkn,nk msk spageti ke lasagna ke,kena buat portion besar,sbb bahan2 nya come in big canned. mcm tomato in can tu.kalu buat half,nanti half simpan,apa plak aku nk msk..buat nasi tomato ???
eh..aku bleh kecikkan sukatan ..hmm..kena lebih kreatif memsk..for now,dinner,mmg nasi putih la jadik pilihan sbb tekak kampung en somi.nanti kang dia lapar tgh mlm,xke aku jugak yg kena kerja keras pikir apa plak nk msk..

Menu hari isnin,

gulai udang dan kcg panjang,pekasam & budu

Gulai udang tu actually terover letak jus asam jawa tu xperasan byk plak aku ambik..sudahnya,asik tambah santan,air,garam & gula..pon xhilang2 masamnya..hujung2 baru kurang sket..kuah tu mmg std kena byk sbb laki ai stok mkn kuah mcm minum sup..

ada skali aku buat asam pedas ikan pari,kuah tu half mangkuk,ms tu 1st time buat,licin kuah tu siap laki ai dok perah bunga kantan kasik kuar air..mak,since then,aku mmg akan buat kuah banyak kasik banjir.

Pekasam tu nmpk cam rentung je kan.but,actually,its just fine.maybe flash  :p ...usually,aku akan grg bwg & cili kering so that harum je bau nya.jgn xtau,pekasam lampam tu we bleh mkn srg sekor..*tepuk tepuk sbb pandai dah mkn pekasam*

& budu tu,as an option if xde sambal belacan.even we bkn kelate mari,tp,ttp jugak mkn..sedap upenya rasa dia.slalu mkn dgn kacang botol,but since byk timun leftover from nasi ayam nye menu,so,we habiskan ini dulu..xbaik membazir..

& betik adalah hasil tanaman my ayah.manis sesgt.ayah mmg rajin berbudi kt tanah since young..dah pencen..lagi mcm2 dia tanam..

terangkat habis dpt kena dgn nasi panas2 ni weyh..mmg licin ye..alhamdulillah...

nasi tomato pertamaku

& nasi tomato seperti di atas ni adalah yg pertama buat.pon,menjadi ( dah lama buat ni...)..cuma sbb terlebih letak tomato puree,colours tu a little bit,xmasam,maybe sbb dah sebati ngan susu cair..
jgn tnya y nmpk tomato je kt dlm pinggan tu,sbb ayam msk merah tu actually,left over from msk apa,dah dipotong kecik2,jdknya dia kurang menonjol..nak2 semua kaler kt situ adalah merah,double happy sbb jadi..yeay !!!!

Menu smlm plak xde..sbb normally,selasa,aku akan cuti sebentar dari dapur.masa ni lah time nk g cari bahan mentah kt pasar malam seksyen 7,KD..
smlm,hasil pencarian,beli sotong yg stok bleh mkn 2 minggu agaknya..sbb laki ai,hantu sotong..xdilupa ikan pari tuk di msk asam pedas -al maklum,mak mentua ai udah kirim siap2 daun kesum & buah kundur masa nk blk kl ritu..

Dah,kena goggle my resipi carik idea nk msk apa ni..daaaa.....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Masakan masakan yg biasa

As salam.

Since lately ,i'm so into cooking,jadi,hari2 pas blk opis,memsk tu adalah satu passion that i really looking nya setakat 3 jenis je ( main meal,sayur n side dish ).tp,lately,badan rasa lesu aje.mcm xcukup tenaga.asal mlm kui 11 pm,mata tersengguk2.wah,tugas as part time housewife ni bleh tahan berat jugak ye.memsk,basuh baju,lipat baju.tonyoh toilet pon ye jugak.bgn pagi kemas katil pon ye jugak.hmm..nasib iron baju hubs antor dobi..setelah aku menghanguskan kemeja opis dia..hua..hua..

Btw,menu hari khamis adalah ,

kobi grg tiram,telur dadar & ayam masak hitam bermadu. :)

table setting tuk family kecik
Ayam grg bermadu msk manis hitam tu sedap okesh...^_______________^.even rupe dlm pic mcm eh..apa,dia ada kaler2 lain seperti tomato yg kaler oren tu..laki aku smpi kikis2 kuah tu sbb suke ..*happy*...

& menu hari jumaat ,

sotong grg kunyit,pekasam & mempelam letak kicap
nampak sotong grg kunyit tu cam kan kcg panjang je upenya kan.sbb nya sotong2 cap giant ni comey2 sgt..xnmpk tenggelam dek sayur,hidangan ni membuka selera nak2 pekasam pak leh ni.& jugak mempelam kicap tu..perghh..terangkat habis..sedap sgt..*terliur*..

itu saje masakan minggu ni..sampai la,at 12 am tepat,hubs wish tue aku ek..*sedih*sob*sob*...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hadiah Hari Jadi Sayaaaaaaa

As salam..

Cantik kan date hari ni..111111..aku kurang bernasib baik sbb lahir a day after.kalu x,cantek aje no ic aku..811111 instead of 30 thn aku..xpe,jiwa muda..kah..kah..

Btw,benda2 hadiah ni aku dh dpt sms since early Nov .usually kalu kita join card members ,maka nya akan dpt mcm2 la hadiah..contoh : Jusco, Carlo Rino,Celcom ( free sms & call ), La Senza ,Gucci ( ok, tipuuuuuuu :p ) & so on...

Semlm,tgh rilex2 tgk citer baru pengganti Sofiyya tu , btw,drama baru ni xbrp kick..
Sambung balik,dpt email from Nuffnang ,

Dear Nuffnanger,

Happy birthday from all of us at Nuffnang and the good people at TGV Cinemas!
As part of the TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers, you've been selected to receive FOUR (4) complimentary passes for any movie* at TGV Cinemas outlets nationwide, which we hope will make your birthday a special one indeed :)
Feel free to drop by and collect your passes from the Nuffnang office before 12 December 2011 (Monday). Our office is open from 9am - 6pm on weekdays (with the exception of public holidays), and is located at;

12B-5 & 12B-6, Heritage House,
33 Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
50300 Kuala Lumpur.

weeee..terbaik wok !!! aku baru je subscribe Nuffnang & dpt plak free tickets..ok,maafkan aku yg sgt 'peghak' sbb ni 1st time ok dpt hadiah dari Nuffnang..thanks to TGV jugak..

Bila nak collect ni eh..dah mcm2 movie terbayang2 kt kepala hotak ni..double joy !!
Thanks to both !!! ^___________________^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kisah raya korban

As salam.

Macamkan tajuk karangan sekolah puloks.Alhamdulillah,dpt blk kg lagi kali ni.rindu giler nk balik.apa jadik pon,xkira la apa saja raya atau apa saja cuti,aku akan tetap di perlis sbb both of us org senegeri.gilir2 blk jengah kuarga memsg.even cuti xpanjang,pepandai la bahagi2 time.janji semua org bahagia.

keta bumper to bumper kt highway

kali ni balik,bukan lagi ke umah lama,ayah dah pindah.dia dh xsanggup nk mengadap jiran yg xserupa,ayah dah siap sedia rumah teres setingkat kt tanah dia..dkt dgn umah mak ngah.dulu,tanah tu jadik tempat ayah tanam bermcm2 jenis pokok.sbb ayah mmg xgheti duduk saja..apa lagi bila pencen,dia jadikan plak tempat bela kambing sbb tanah tu sgt luas..sayang kalu biar xde least,ada nya kambing..cerah sket tanah tu..slalu upah org,mau upah saja dlm rm1000..parah la kalu tiap2 bulan upah..

btw,aku ttp rasa sedih sbb rumah lama tu la tempat kami membesar & dah 5 kali kenduri kawin berlangsung kt situ..upenya,majlis kahwin aku was the last event b4 move out..moga2 pakcik yg duduk sekarang akan jaga umah tu dgn penuh kasih sayang..

Apa pun,umah baru ni juga sgt la cantik cute..ada 7 bilik ( srg satu jugak tu bilik ) ,5 bilik air,2 living hall,2 dapur ( wet & dry ) ,tmpt nk bbq & lagi tenang.....tenang dari everything..penat aku bertawaf dlm umah sbb luas pulak.cuma,brg2 masih berterabur coz baru sebulan pindah..imagine,35 thn xpenah move out,tetiba pindah...imagine brp byk brg nk kena hangkut baiiii....

About raya korban plak,we gerak from KD around 1230 pm & jalan a little bit slow ..& rest tdo kt bidor sambil tunggu subuh.sampai kt perlis dh almost 10 am & pekena nasi beriani hameed..sedap..terlepas rindu nk mkn.. :)

This time,hubs buat korban lembu begitu juga mak ngah sefamily.ayah plak korban sekor lembu tuk pelajar tahfiz kt Cambodia.nasib anak2 balik raya,sbb kalu x,my parents nk p Cambodia ikut konvoi korban..
aku bukan saja gemukkan badan dgn daging korban,tp jugak dengan kambing korban bapak mentua abg aku.wah,terbaik wok !!! yummeh..gulai kambing,kurma kambing & kambing panggang..kena plak dgn kerabu mangga & kerabu kcg botol..perghh..tambah xhingat dunia...

& alang2 dh blk perlis,sempat singgah padang besaq yg xbrp besaq tu nk beli periuk belanga & jugak memborong chili paste & tomyam from thailand..suke..maklum la,kt kl ni mahai bebenor..puas hati..sempat mkn pulut ayam & pulut pelam ( signature dish org siam )..tapi mahai nye smpi RM20 just mkn benda alah tu with ayaq nyoq muda..adui..mesti dia ingat we org kl..penat aku ckp utara,pon kena sembelih gak..hmmm...

kedai mak teh femes ni tutup plak

kompleks pdg besaq
ayaq nyoq kami punya..manis

pulut ayam so-so..mahai je lebey

pulut pelam fav hubs..pelam masam sbb bukan musim dia
& smlm,nasib jugak xjem sbb memasing dh blk kl masa hari isnin..lega la siap lepak kejap kt penang..cuma,kali ni xmkn nasi kandaq..jadiknya,sbb smlm sampai umah dlm pukui 1 pagi,pagi ni p opis pun separuh hati..penat nya usah,tapi hati happy dpt beraya kt kg...

mee grg mamak ni the best aku penah mkn

Nasi kandar nasmir..near Penang Auto-city..sedap cuma servis xbrp best

Thursday, November 3, 2011

House of Wax

As salam.

Today memandangkan aku puasa,maka nya aku mmg xleh bernafas kalu stay kt opis ngadap documents2 ni.boleh magrain nih..nak nak pulak setelah 3 bulan xpuasa after Ramadhan,mula la nak rasa pening la apa la..setan tu setan..

Jadik,nk divert ke arah benda2 lain supaya jgn pikir makanan,,aku teringat la yg aku ni dah seminggu meroyan nak menghapuskan 'furry2' ni..ahaks.!!!

mari kita waxing !!

rasanya baru past 3 weeks buat threading kt subang,redeem Groupon..tempat tu ok,threading tu pon best,xsakit..pastu dia letak ubat nk bagi whitening ( xde makna nya kalu takat pegi sekali kan )..overall aku suke..cuma,aku xpercaya lah bila dia ckp,hair xakan grow dlm ms sebulan..memula mmg aku percaya..but but..after 2 weeks aku dh start nampak furry yg i dun like tu..& hasilnya,xsmpi sebulan mcm rupe shave je..or maybe kulit aku dah xlut sbb mcm2 experimen aku buat kt situ..

Aku cuma terfikir nk buat kt Jyothi's kt Ampang Point sbb kwn aku,dia buat eye-brow threading..After men'goggle' ,dpt jugak kol for,tau la hazab nak pegi kt Ampang tu..cabaran dari start kuar opis smpi nk carik parking..sbb salun ni dkt tmpt yg super busy.

aku buat ni ..

threading ni xbuat..cuma penah buat for armpit

Dah la,elok2 nmpk cam ada parking ,upenya budak tu dok melepak aje dlm keta..last,aku park je kt tepi2 dgn harapan jgn la keta aku kena clamp or the worst,kena hentam langgar lari..choi.!!!

Ok ,review tempat ni :

Salun : Jyothi's Salun

Location : Ampang point area -near to Nurul Shukor's touch ,Nasi kandar Pelita.

Staff : sgt warm welcome.ramah tamah..kedai bersih,selesa..xde guys berkeliaran dlm tu..*good*.

Waxing service : kejap je dia buat..main taruk lilin panas,zap zap pki apa benda tuh..done..pastu dia thread sket2 leftover tu..pantas nya dia buat,xsmpi 30 mins ye tuk both half leg & armpit...dh brp kali aku g buat benda alah ni,slalu took around 30-1 hour...owh,aku lupa,maybe sbb dia betui2 wax aje,xde whitening ke aloe vera ke apa..

Tunggu la brp lama the hair will continue growing.dia kata,aku xbrp percaya,sbb to my skin,kalu tunggu sebulan..hmmm.alamat...yg penting,cepat,mudah..

Total damage : RM 40 ( both legs RM 30 & RM 10 for armpit )..

Cuma,budak xabis2 suh aku buat brazilian..erkkk...ko gile ek..takkan aku nk menadah kasi ko tilik kt situ..aiyo..mmg xkan sesekali la aku buat..nehi nehi...*tutup muka*

Sekian,itu sahaja..

Monday, October 31, 2011

Lunch @ Ruz Aladdin

As salam.

Aku xpenah tau pon kewujudan restoren ni kt tepi MRR2 ,right beside Flamingo.dah brp lama ulang alik ikut MRR2 masa stay kt Keramat dulu,still xtau,until today budak opis ajak g sana makan.selera Johor asli katanya..

Owh,upenya,restoren ni tepi jalan aje.dekat kedai wonder xperasan..senang nk parking keta.masuk je,dah ada space.

suasana kt dlm restoren..sunyi aje...tenang sket nk mkn

dari tepi jalan mrr2

Kebulur punya psl,aku order mee rebus,member aku order soto & beriani kambing..perghh..mmg best sgt la mkn masa panas2 dgn air kalamansi..masyuk habis..& the lamb pon sgt juicy..lembut plak tu..portion sgt byk,sampai xhabis member aku makan.aku pon xlarat nk tlg dia habiskan lamb tu..sebab dah full dgn mee rebus..

Bagi aku,if mee rebus tu xbyk sgt kacang ,lagi meletops kot.sbb bukan ke mee rebus ke pekat dek ubi ?tp,aku xsure la kalu ini style sana..

the starter,tauhu bakar kuah pedas kicap

nasi beriani gam RM18

mee rebus aku RM9,90

Total damage tuk lunch saje RM 18.70 sbb kalamansi tu rupenya aku xperasan Rm7.50..sbb mee rebus tu,kena posa la minggu ni..apa makan mahai2 ni..kopak la..ehehehe...

tapi...kenyang yg hamat..mata layu aje.....alhamdulillah...


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