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Tips for visit to Phnom Penh

As salam.

Ok,kt sini i jot down tips when u in Phnom Penh ,Cambodia.I really looking forward to go to Siem Reap & visit Angkor Wat one day . Here r several tips which can help u ,i hope...

1st - Book ur penting kan,.There's a lot of public holiday in Cambodia & if u like to see their culture ,u can plan to visit on the day.But,try to avoid as d roads will be super duper bz.& might pricey too...Eg :On Nov ,they r celebrating water festival.

MAS or Air Asia does'nt matter

2nd -Choose d hotels/guest house.There's a lot of guest house which offering good service & cheaper than hotel.If my colleaugue ,drg akan stay kt Holiday Inn ,but i can suggest u to try the guest house.I recommend  Mini Castello ( MC ) guest house .Very strategic at street 240 .There's lot of embassy at this street & Msia embassy located at the same street.Easy access to the '10 must sees ' places according to the travel guide.U can even walk to these places. The price started at USD 23 -25 ( if u take b/fast ).Free laundry & privacy ( they only have 6 big rooms ) .Sesuai tuk family or honeymoon.Free pick up jgk from airport & diskaun for long stay.Contact no : Sothea 012 757 246..good security as well.30 min from Phnom Penh airport depend on traffic.

The friendly guest house owner,Sothea & her hubby.
Ok,dh selamat landed pastu dh dpt gueshouse/hotel,kena la jln2 kan.Map PP ni sgt sng nk baca.Drg ada byk street,so,kalo krg ikut betul2 insya allah xsesat.'tuk tuk' pon byk & tambang start 3000 KRH ( approx less than 1 USD.)Kalo krg dok guest house/hotel ( ada Sunway hotel nearby & for sure mahal /.so depends on budget ) at this street ,so jalan kaki pon ok..sambil2 tgk PP.

Pepagi leh b/fast kt

Phnom Penh,small & bz town

10 must sees :

1 - Wat Phnom -next to Sunway hotel & near French embassy .From MC ,dlm 5-10 min jek naik tuk tuk.kt street 96 ,admission fee UDS 1.
According to legend ,the 1st pagoda was erected in 1373.I just pass by xamik gambar pon.Very nice & big wat.

2 - Toul Sleung mesuem -also known as S 21 was the former Toul Svay Prey high school.Khmer rouge set up this prison on 1976 to detain individual accused of opposing the Pol Pot regime.I did'nt have d chance to go bcoz of time constraint.10 min from MC & advisable to take tuk tuk unless ketiak basah & tak kisah..he..he...

3 -National Mesuem -Varied sculptures,relics & artifacts but main highlights from the Angkor area.So,before g Siem Riep & Angkor Wat ,elok la msk sini dulu coz its gives some ideas on d existence.Entrance fee USD 3 & extra charge for taking pic. 5 min walk from MC .

Mesuem die cun giller

4. Independence Monument -Built in 1958 to commemorate the country's independence from France in 1953.Serve as memorial to Cambodia's war dead & sometimes referred as Victory Monument.5 min walk from MC .dari jauh dh nampak.

Independence monument

5. Killing fields -The places where Pol Pot's regime slaughtered peole without mercy in their thousands & buried them in mass graves.7km south from the city .I xpegi jugak sbb xde geng.En boss don't have d courage to go & even some of local people did'nt go there due to same reason /maybe other reason.Tips : sila goggle & have enough info bout this regime era bcoz for local people its not easy for them to forget & might sensitive to discuss .mcm i yg unintentionally asking bout sensitive things to 1 of my local colleaugeu & really2 regret it.. :p..Appox 30-45 min with tuk tuk from MC.

6-Royal Palace .Dkt je ngan Mesuem.Jalan kaki je from MC dlm 5 min.Cam biasa mcm masuk istana.Canteks giller.

7-Phsar Thmei or Central Market -Currently undergoing extensive long-term upgrade.ada byk stalls jgk.had my hair cut nearby & ada big mall  'Surya supermarket'.Jalan kaki dlm 10 min .

8-Tonle Sap -Boleh naik bots kt sini.dkt ngan Royal Palace jugak.Sungai Mekong area .I xnaik bot tp sempat singgah sini amik pic's .Sgt best.Jalan kaki je from Royal Palace.

9-Silver Pagoda -Korang jumpa patung buddha la..i xpegi tapi pass by hari2.pon 10 min jalan kaki.

10-Russian Market -Another shopping parade with plenty of branded goods on sale.Jgn tertipu with fake item.T-shirt cap  cambodia di jual dlm 2.5 USD.I bought the silk ( for skirt at USD 8 and full 4 metre at USD 18 ).Ada byk kedai cam Padang Besaq pon ada ( tp sgt sempit kt dlm tu ),beware of pick pockets.mcm i always put the sling bag with pasport inside clothes & cash always in my pockets.I suggest g this kedai .Girl ni nama Thida .& kedai die kena msk dlm sket .Best sbb xyah susah pening kepala,die akan bg idea & good price.I bought 7 silks, 6 t-shirts ,big table cloth with some small souvenirs at 110 USD .Rugi xamik pic's ngan die,kalo xleh tepek.I shopping kt sini smpi duduk ke lantai .Dlm 15 min naik tuk tuk..Tp,sbb i make new fren qith tokey guest house ,so free..he..he..sng lg nk bargain..

Tips/Idea :

-jln sgt  la sesak ngan tuk tuk &,nk cross jln kena cepat,kalo x,habis la kan..drg sini akan hon sentiasa,pening pala otak den..

- ada byk shopping mall ( Eg :Pencil,Savanna ,Lucky ,Paragon,Surya ,City Mall ) but all of them r selling fake handbags from HK & Korea/China.Krg siap bleh bargain lagi..Just wondering r they really have the authentic LV/Prada/ whatsoever. & also to be safe ,don't buy perfume here unless u sure its authentic.

-Ada 3 halal restaurant at street 106,107 & near the reverside.Naik tuk tuk dlm 5-10 min .Jln kaki pon boleh kalo xkebulur sgt kang nanti confuse sbb street nmpk sama.Suggest Bhopa ( near river side ) ,Bites ,Indian tandoori & i never had d chance to try any of this.Honestly i would wnat too but its very hard sbb u r d only muslim.So,mana2 kdi i pegi ,i akan mkn seafood & drg pon so far respect i .If ada meats i xmkn la.So,doa la

Japanese food pon ok..

-Tuk tuk is everywhere.So,nego la serendah 3000 KHR ( less than 1 USD ).Slalu kalo PP area tu ,dlm 4000-5000 USD je.Kalo early morning,jalan je & ptg2 dh nk balik titon baru la naik tuk tuk..kan ke save tu..lgpon,tmpt die xjauh sgt pon.

-Brg kt central mkt might be costly than russian mkt ,so g amik pic's dah la sbb design die lawa.Better g russian mkt je.Naik tuk tuk ye...

-Jgn minum with ice .A lot of chemical are put in order to maintain the cold.Air panas xpe..Kt sini most restaurant serve free chinese tea..Best to drink mineral water.& not advisable to drink plain water here .To be safe,minum je can drink/mineral water.Kang nanti sakit perut susah.

-Drg guna USD & kalo ada cents can be mixed with local notes ( KHR )..So,prepare la sket sbb drg xpki syiling ,so notes 500,1000 might be useable.

-Operation hours start at 8 am &close at 6 pm mcm historical places & market .Most  business will close at 8 pm latest .
-Airport tax is USD 25.So,before blah tu ,spare la USD for d tax.Msian is not required for visa.
-So,most important ,get the map & helps u a lot.Very few of them can speak English but they are very nice people & ready to help.

Till i come back !

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