Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Manila & Phnom Penh

As salam.

A fren just buzz me asking bout the Manila..well...well..nothing nice came to my memory..sorry to say.instead of the kindness of GRC & IFRC team at Manila office ,nothing good there.mcm aku citer previous entry,mcm tu lah citernya.

Manila is a developing country...

My new fren at Manila office -very nice & friendly ...

ni ada mkn2 ms tunggu head office

and mission masa on the way back adalah asik teringat kan brg2 yg kena 'rampas' the time touch down KLIA jek,terus kol the kind custom person whose helping me by keeping in her place..selamat duit i..thee.e..hhehe....aku beli la chocs kt dia,sbb dia baik sgt tlg aku..he..he..

Btw ,heard bout the PP regarding the stemped tu ,sgt sedey sbb i was there just a couple week ago. & been to the place.. i hope my fren at PP will be fine coz she just text me telling that her brother has been missing & still not find him..i pray for the best..

She helped me a lot when i was in PP & may everything goes well fren,.. goes on..

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