Monday, November 15, 2010

KLIA ,Manila & Levi's hunting

As salam.

After Cambodia,kena attend finance discussion with GRC team at Manila off. So,there my journey start .1st kt KLIA dh ada benda x best.I totally forgot bout the liquid ( they only allowed 100 ml ) & so stupid me ,for bringing 3 bottles of 200 ml ( for cleanser & toner )..i did'nt declare them & just before past the last gate ,semuanya kena rampas.Merayu rayu la kt situ ( owh,i just bought them & its cost me a lot )..

So,to happen,ada dis kakak( die yg bg custom clearance ) before msk gate tu suh pass kt dia tp yg custom tu dh pandang2 ckp xleh..aku mmg xgerak siap wat muka,berkat raya haji ( flight blk Msia adalah ms raya haji ),akhirnya the custom lady gave her no & i will claim my cellnique after i come back on Wed..fuh.lega beb..xpasal2..tobat pas ni xwat dah..

Then,dh smpi Manila,everything was fine until...........
The room was nice ( its suite ) too.Then, there's a drama again when i took taxi to the nearest mall..My colleaugue dh pesan yg kt sini byk giller 'prank' so kena careful amik meter taxi...nah,skali taxi  naik xde meter ( it was vios ok ) & die xnk psg..he started asking for 600 PHP ( approx RM50 ) just for 10 min drive..

Ada dua section kt bilik i duduk ni..nasib hotel nye menawan, xde la hati keciwa...
Bilik bersepah mcm kucing nk beranak...cost PHP 9000 approx RM700 for 3 days

tp,aku tipu die ckp dh selalu dtg sini then he started to reduce the to happen,xde duit kecik & kena la PHP 180 ( approx RM 15 ) which normal shud be PHP 50 (approx RM 3.50).Dah la ms nk msk taxi ,ada dis guy insisted for money just because he open the door for me..owh owh,terus dh serik & terus xde mood nk amik gambar mahupun was disaster...

After that mall ( SM Plaza ke nama nya kt Ermita ),smpt jugak tu pegi their biggest mall 'Robinson Mall' tp xsebest kita nya mall ni blkg hotel aku je.aku duk area 'Ermita' .
with no directory ,menapak la sana sini semata2 nk carik Levi's ( sbb katanya Levi's kt sini muah )..skali dh jumpa,hem...xde size & rega nya sama je ngan Msia..

Byk branded item here but quite,cuma jamu mata & beli souvenir from Manila just for a memory...uhuhuhhu,..trip yg sgt sedey...nk blk Msia !!!!!

Manila sgt sibuk.traffic jam tu standard,tp xde la ngan kita ni kan..
From my observation,org Manila leh ckp english,so sng to communicate,cuma drg agak kasar sket.kalu stranger nk jln srg2 tu not advisable la.kira sgt difference compared to Phnom Penh.

Soo malas nk kuar,so i ordered from the hotel cafe & luckily sedap...seafood spageti with mash potato

Nasib aku p 3 hari je,so ms kt opis lg pjg.balik opis,aku mmg curfew terus dlm bilik,xde mood lgsg nk kuar kot.

Anyway,its good to travel to other least kita tau la apa yg best & xbest..belajar adat resam org...
so,eventhough exp kali ni xbest, still lucky to be there..

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