Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cambodia Day 5 & 6

Owh,,,yesterday was no fun at all .I'm suffering the dizziness all day long & to be worst we went to 1 of the province & as usual d roads are bad. Macam pegi 4 WD ranger pon ada.pening2 lalat i.En boss lak xsabar2 tunggu bila i nak throw out.He is so mean..heh..cuak gak die tgk i xmkn.& at last i berjaya elakkan diri dari mkn kt gerai ( not even to taste the fish soup ) after i saw the big dog standing nicely at d kitchen ..oh la la..i nk minum can drink pon cam xsanggup .

Tp,sbb nk jaga hati my local colleaugeu ,i minum jgk soy drink made in malaysia.Tp,i bgtau en boss i dh xleh mkn food drg.Rasa nk puke je.owh,sound so bad,but that's d reality .How i miss Msia foods .I ni xfussy langsung psl mkn ni,but when comes to hygienic ,this is uncompromise.& i know en boss pon sama..

& 1strange things ,after je i mkn ( from my very 1st day ) i akan ke Mr 'J' tuk membuang & thats oso happen when i minum je,rasa nk g toilet immediately.that's really strange sbb i know my body & maybe it just show me a sign about the foods & drinks ( even i minum from mineral water bottle/can je) & my body just can't accept it..

So,what can i conclude bout day 5 was not soo good .i felt asleep at 8 pm & woke up at 6 am .& still dizzy .Dr Oleg told that i shud drink with salt ( xingat apa nama ubat tu ) cause this is a sign  of dehydration & diearrhea...owh,takutnya i...but,i ok je so far..

So,tonite we had Dr Oleg farewell at Japanese.Cam biasa en boss meroyan nk karaoke..giller ar die tu..& so funny  also to know that Dr Oleg & me were born on d same day, 12/11,with same year of chinese calendar ,Rooster & same time ,early in d morning.. .no wonder i can attached with him from the beginning..heh...

We had a long discussion during dinner .Again ,i'm facing difficulties in foods.So i ate rice with miso sup & prawn.and no no no,i dun want to think about what ingredients r they using /r they using d same oil to fry the 'things'..i cant think every single thing about that.

Ok,discussion wih Dr Oleg is always interesting.He was a surgeon & have lots & lots of experience .Rasa mcm tmpt yg die xpegi Israel jek.So now he might practising his expertise as surgeon in Haiti.He asked me about the Islam & i'm felt quite bad bcoz i did'nt have enough source to explain.i mean,its very complicated to xplain some thing unless we r very sure... :( ..

So,its end of the day ! No pic's ,just a memory ...

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