Friday, October 29, 2010

Cambodia Day 3

Its a 3rd day at Phnom Penh & today we overnite at Pursat ( 1 of the Province at PP ).Its took 4 hours journey ( sila noted : jalannya xseindah di higway ) & its was fun journey !

So,after a great b/fast at the favourite cafe ,we had a short tour at the street since we dh janji with Dr Dareen nak meet him somewhere near the Royal Palace & Mekong river. Tapi ,i sempat usya jewellery box with 100% silk & its cost USD 5 for the big one. So,terus i beli sbb sgt canteks.

This street has a lot of souvenirs shops selling painting & handicraft

The National Mesuem located at this street as well
Tp,i xpuas hati sgt sbb i ingat tu kedai Cambodia,upenya it belong to French guy who's married to local girl. Sbb i ingat kot la i leh help their income sbb mostly penduduk kt sini still not stable after the Khmer Rouge era.

Mekong river which meet the Vietnam & Laos

Us at Royal Palace area
Then,the journey started around 9.30 am & as usual ,we found Pagoda everywhere & very ancient .Ada jgk yg baru nk wat ,tp based on concrete so mcm dh xori .Kalo yg ancient obviously sgt kukuh & now they repainting & looks like new which i think they should keep it as it is.

I found the mosque too since this area have also Muslim community & 1 of the mosque was funded by Malaysian people/ govt ke xsure .

The mosque was funded by Malaysian

The small town ,but no tuk tuk here
Town kt sini nampak maju sket ( the road slightly better than pervious 1 at Kg Chnang ,with less holes bukan assholes .. :) ..tetiba ) .So,masa i tau kena overnite ,i cam cuak la kan..xleh nak imagine canteks ke hotel nye ( owh, i more particular on toilet ) ,tp lega sgt bila tgk hotel die ..its very nice & only cost USD 8.

Then,we had our lunch at town & its a nice restaurant & its remind me of Novie's farewell at Tamarind Springs at Ampang .Owner Tamarind tu mmg copy paste typical Cambodian style .

FRom left -,made from vietnam,cambodia & malaysia

Tetiba rindu kt Malaysia. & seperti biasa i menghadapi masalah dog'gies' yg berkeliaran.So,i akan menjerit bila drg dtg dkt2 & en boss lak asik jerit2 nak halau benda alah tu. I notice org kedai tu asik pandang2.Mesti die kutuk baik punya ,mcm takut sgt,.

nice view & ambience
Ok,i terpaksa berlakon ckp i takut instead of explain pasal halal haram.I xnak make things complicated & i'm might not be good in explaining .So to make its safe ,i just inform i takut semua was ok & costly too ,USD 14 for the dishes.I rasa drg sgt untung tau sbb currency in USD .Duit Khmer mcm xde makna je.

the hotel pon cantik even dok area kg .look at the sofa
Pastu,after that check in suma,we proceed to the sub-branh office & field visit to village .The people here more poorer than the 1st village .So sad to see that there still people who are way way behind the technology .They only hidup on tanaman like hidup drg setiap hari ttp sama,hanya di kg.

Nak pegi bandar is very very far .& i was told that there is only 1 primary school & no secondary school.Imagine ,the new generation ni cuma skool smpi darjah 6 ( if they have the chances to go ) & they are born to be a farmer/fisherman just like the parents.

I think this is their kitchen coz i nmpk cam ada periuk belanga kt dlm tu.Obviously its not for d kids main masak2 ke

Then.,after the tiring day ,we went back to hotel & had dinner .Owh ,after that i terus pengsan sbb i sgt letih...

End of Day 3.

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