Friday, October 29, 2010

Cambodia Day 2

Sou' Sdey' ( Hello ) !

Today was a great  trip. We went to the village area.They called Kampung ,same as Msia. But,their Kg is completely different from us. Wait until u see the pic's .

Our breakfast started at the cafe near the guest house.It's really nice cafe ( they serve english breakfast like Deli France ) ,but the taste are much much better with a big portion & the interior is so French style ( they have the influence of France -the colonial era .So,dun surprise if u find quite a no of book shops/cafe selling French things).

En boss sgt happy sbb rasa mcm back to hometown & claimed that the croissant just as nice as in French ,So,we all mcm breakfast kt France la.dgn interior nya & obviously full with foreigners .just wondering who is the owner..good biznes i guess..

Ok,the breakfast  cost USD 5 ( apptoximate RM15 ) ,consider expensive ,but,since i received the allowances in USD ,but bear in mind ,its cost RM5.I had mushroom omelette with coffee & tomorrow i shud try croissant ( en boss said this will be our everyday breakfast for the next 6 days )..owh,i shud try the latte tomorrow & it cost USD 1.75...sukeee....

Ini ialah iklan Mr "Condom"inium..i found this everywhere..

This is the normal scenery at Cambodia.,super duper busy ( they drive/cycling/biking like crazy yet no accident.amazing huh..i kejenya mengucap pjg sbb asik selisih ngan lori besar gedabak..uish,segala mcm doa keluar,.,hu,.,hu,,,

So,we headed to  the Kampung Speu ( the site province ) & the road are super duper terrible .Jln tanah merah with holes everywhere.Imagine kalo naik keta ,we ol naik 4WD pun rasa menderita..
Tapi,i must admit ,Cambodia sgt cantik.U can see the pagoda everywhere. Kiranya xfrust sgt la xdpt visit Angkor Watt .

Scenery from the car.

After a "lunch" ( owh,i have to survive eating at the only food stall at the Kg with dogs wandering everywhere ( i cuma makan nasi berkuah kan sayur ).Alah,en boss yg kunun2 leh survive sgt tu pon ikut style i.Nampak sgt pretendous.We have to have a very good communication with local people.Nanti nampak mcm jakun sgt.Ok,i pon ada kg ,tapi xmcm ni,so tentu la susah for me to adapt kan.I xde la kena culture shock ke apa tp i geli la

There are about 16-20 pagodas all the way up to the mountain

Pastu,after short discussion ,we pegi tgk sendiri camne they build the concrete ring for the water filteration. We should really really thankful coz we have good food ( infact terlebih makan ) with good weather with joy & good country compared to them who are very very far away behind.

They also plant the gemuk2 mushroom

Another support by GRC -concrete ring for hand well construction for safe & clean water

So,after tiring trip ( bcoz of the road i guess ) ,we decided to go back to Phnom Penh & it tooks another 2 hours journey since the factory workers ( most of Cambodian are in agriculture /tuk tuk driver/factory workers) just finished their shift & again the traffic gonna be super duper buzzzyy...

Us at the sub-branch building

We saw this on way back to guest house.

The market is open everyday & will close at 8 pm. Owh ya ,kul 6 pm kt sini dh sgt gelap gelita.So,usually the business will close at 8 pm.Mcm2 ada kt sini, honk honk tergantung mmg byk & mcm2 la drg jual.Plg byk & a must "cell card" ..punya la bersepah .

& this is how the traffic looks like during weekdays .

This is normal

Bye for now .

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