Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cambodia Day 4

After zzz awal smlm ( tp jam Msia ms tu dh pukul 10.30 pm ) ,so i bangun pon ikut jam Msia .Tgk waktu sini baru kul 5.30 am .I paksa jgk mata tido .Pastu ni asik lupa nk check prayer time & sesuka hati je main agak2 .Since kt sini pukul 6 am dh terang ,so mesti la subuh awal kan..Tapi,i slalu sgt subuh 'gajah'

Dh siap semua we pon pegi b/fast .I rindu sgt nk mkn nasi lemak . :( .As usual ,i akan order omelette with bread .Cambodia style for b/fast ,drg mkn noodle sup ( pork/beef/chicken) & porridge .I notice,en boss akan copy paste apa je i mkn..ha..ha.. i tau die pon jenis hygiene so die pon xmkn,slalu die akan usya apa i order ,nanti mesti sama,,,kalo mkn nasi pon ,die mesti akan mkn sup ikan je.tetiba nk jdk cam i .

Owh ,i rasa mcm bagus tau sbb asik mkn ikan xmkn ayam /dgg .Sbb i penah baca yg if u want to have a good memory u should avoid to take meats & take more fish .Tetiba i rs memory i makin bagus..kah..kah..sbb en boss kan suke tanya i mcm2 soklan bila we pegi field visit ,so tetiba i rs cam eh,baik nya ingatan aku..pas ni nak kena keep on this diet sbb i kan nk exam on Dec.

Ok,pas b/fast we pon balik la ke PP .Otw ,ada la jual bamboo stick & also marinade ants .Kita panggil rebung tp ,i rs cam xhygiene jek .

The bamboo & d ants

A new pagoda still under construction at d mountain

Pastu ,smpt gak beli handicraft from sana -made from tanah liat & with USD 5 ,i dpt la beli 1 plastik souvenir .Tapi kan ,masa nk balik,i drop them & 4 of them spoilt .Nasib murah tau..kalo x,sedih la i ..

At 1 pm we dh smpi PP & since weekends byk tourist kt Wat Phnom ( 1 of the attraction - owh,i akan summarise 10 places must go when u r here -according to guide books & i think its really2 help ) .Perut dh lapar mtk di isi ( kt Msia dh pukul 2pm ,harus la kebulur ) ,so en boss & i g lunch nearby .I planned nak jenjln tp hujan rintik2 awan bergelora ,so ,i terpaksa cancel .

Owh,ms lunch ,for d 1st time en boss baik hati nk belanja ( die kedeks ok ) ,jadi ,today i bg markah lebih sket kt die..:).

From day 1 ,i knew that hair cut kt sini murah ,i pon nak try la.So,i tanya la d owner if she can suggest d best 1.tetiba die pon nak pegi & invite me together .So,i pon happy2 ikut die & hubby .Baik giller hubby die ( her is Sothea & hubby is Nok ) ,siap tunggu we ol.,tdo dlm keta.Owh,he's driving Merc okesh,.,sungguh i jeles.

Ms nak cut,susah la sket nk xplain sbb drg xpaham English ,Sothea pon mcm xtau layer tu apa .Last2 tgk mag & i tunjuk 1 pic's.After wash suma ,i dh risau bila die start cut sbb die cam kikis my hair ( dh la rambut i jenis ciput ,kang nanti apa yg tinggal ) .

Tp,bila siap ( upenya die dh wat 'bob' cut ) ,tp i sgt satisfied w d result .Sgt canteks.I mmg xberani nk try something strange sbb takut cam pelik ,tp cun plak ( perasan sendiri ).Skali cost USD 8 ( Wash with cut & good massage ) .Duit kita dlm RM 24 .Ehmm,bila pikir balik cam sama je ,tp i rs she did a great job & its worth .

Pastu Sothea & Nok yg sgt baik hati bwk i g Savanna shopping complex ( its a big shopping mall looks like Pavillion from outside ). Tapi,bila i msk dlm mcm Sogo jek ..i pelik sbb perfume drg leh diskaun smpi 70% ( tp en boss kata its fake ,so i terus cancel nk usya ) .

The clothes are mostly from Thailand & bags from Hong Kong .So,i decided not to buy anything sbb kt Msia pon bersepah. Ni lagi 1 i pelik ,drg leh selamba je jual handbags from HK & Korea ( ala cam kita jual fake Prada & LV kt gerai2 ) tp kt shopping mall & siap leh bargain .Confuse i .xde lak kena saman ke apa .Rega pon mahal ok .I ternganga je drg jual smpi USD 100 .

Last2 i beli jgk seketui handbag rega USD 30 sbb i rs guilty lak if xbeli sbb Nok dh bwk i jauh2.pastu die dh,bila blk hostel i belek2 rs cam ok kot ( Carlo Rino pon leh dpt rega mcm ni kt Msia time sale ) ,pastu i tetiba perasan cam ada spoilt sket sbb besi handle tu ..ok,anggap je la 30 hengget ..

Perasaan bercampur baur -uhuk uhuhk

Pastu ,i ikut drg pegi umah Sothea .Umah die pon cantik & at once family Sothea dh beli umah kt Msia nk migrate,tp due economic crisis & they sell off the house to Chinese .From my observation,she & Nok has a good family background Sothea was in Thailand for 6 years with full scholarship for her Master while Nok graduated his LLB & has been 12 yrs working with govt.I notice those who are working with govt has a lot of benefit & good pay .But,only in Cambodia ya .. :p

Sian drg kena ikut selera teman -only seafood & vege

Then,we had dinner at Japanese restaurant & drg pon cuma mkn vege & no meats .sian kena puasa pork..hik..hik...drg ada steamboat xmcm kita,if Japanese just at d bar & order .Drg sian ada buffet lagi.We ol mkn srg USD 8 .

Otw back ,we sempat singgah Independence Monument & posing2 lagi.As usual ,kul 9.30 pm dh gelap gelita so we balik.Esok i dpt good offer from them.Drg ajak g ngan drg je Russian Market .Owh,i sgt suke.....Nak titon,sok nak sopinks...

Sothea & me in front of Independence Monument
End of Day 4

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cambodia Day 3

Its a 3rd day at Phnom Penh & today we overnite at Pursat ( 1 of the Province at PP ).Its took 4 hours journey ( sila noted : jalannya xseindah di higway ) & its was fun journey !

So,after a great b/fast at the favourite cafe ,we had a short tour at the street since we dh janji with Dr Dareen nak meet him somewhere near the Royal Palace & Mekong river. Tapi ,i sempat usya jewellery box with 100% silk & its cost USD 5 for the big one. So,terus i beli sbb sgt canteks.

This street has a lot of souvenirs shops selling painting & handicraft

The National Mesuem located at this street as well
Tp,i xpuas hati sgt sbb i ingat tu kedai Cambodia,upenya it belong to French guy who's married to local girl. Sbb i ingat kot la i leh help their income sbb mostly penduduk kt sini still not stable after the Khmer Rouge era.

Mekong river which meet the Vietnam & Laos

Us at Royal Palace area
Then,the journey started around 9.30 am & as usual ,we found Pagoda everywhere & very ancient .Ada jgk yg baru nk wat ,tp based on concrete so mcm dh xori .Kalo yg ancient obviously sgt kukuh & now they repainting & looks like new which i think they should keep it as it is.

I found the mosque too since this area have also Muslim community & 1 of the mosque was funded by Malaysian people/ govt ke xsure .

The mosque was funded by Malaysian

The small town ,but no tuk tuk here
Town kt sini nampak maju sket ( the road slightly better than pervious 1 at Kg Chnang ,with less holes bukan assholes .. :) ..tetiba ) .So,masa i tau kena overnite ,i cam cuak la kan..xleh nak imagine canteks ke hotel nye ( owh, i more particular on toilet ) ,tp lega sgt bila tgk hotel die ..its very nice & only cost USD 8.

Then,we had our lunch at town & its a nice restaurant & its remind me of Novie's farewell at Tamarind Springs at Ampang .Owner Tamarind tu mmg copy paste typical Cambodian style .

FRom left -,made from vietnam,cambodia & malaysia

Tetiba rindu kt Malaysia. & seperti biasa i menghadapi masalah dog'gies' yg berkeliaran.So,i akan menjerit bila drg dtg dkt2 & en boss lak asik jerit2 nak halau benda alah tu. I notice org kedai tu asik pandang2.Mesti die kutuk baik punya ,mcm takut sgt,.

nice view & ambience
Ok,i terpaksa berlakon ckp i takut instead of explain pasal halal haram.I xnak make things complicated & i'm might not be good in explaining .So to make its safe ,i just inform i takut semua was ok & costly too ,USD 14 for the dishes.I rasa drg sgt untung tau sbb currency in USD .Duit Khmer mcm xde makna je.

the hotel pon cantik even dok area kg .look at the sofa
Pastu,after that check in suma,we proceed to the sub-branh office & field visit to village .The people here more poorer than the 1st village .So sad to see that there still people who are way way behind the technology .They only hidup on tanaman like hidup drg setiap hari ttp sama,hanya di kg.

Nak pegi bandar is very very far .& i was told that there is only 1 primary school & no secondary school.Imagine ,the new generation ni cuma skool smpi darjah 6 ( if they have the chances to go ) & they are born to be a farmer/fisherman just like the parents.

I think this is their kitchen coz i nmpk cam ada periuk belanga kt dlm tu.Obviously its not for d kids main masak2 ke

Then.,after the tiring day ,we went back to hotel & had dinner .Owh ,after that i terus pengsan sbb i sgt letih...

End of Day 3.

Cambodia Day 2

Sou' Sdey' ( Hello ) !

Today was a great  trip. We went to the village area.They called Kampung ,same as Msia. But,their Kg is completely different from us. Wait until u see the pic's .

Our breakfast started at the cafe near the guest house.It's really nice cafe ( they serve english breakfast like Deli France ) ,but the taste are much much better with a big portion & the interior is so French style ( they have the influence of France -the colonial era .So,dun surprise if u find quite a no of book shops/cafe selling French things).

En boss sgt happy sbb rasa mcm back to hometown & claimed that the croissant just as nice as in French ,So,we all mcm breakfast kt France la.dgn interior nya & obviously full with foreigners .just wondering who is the owner..good biznes i guess..

Ok,the breakfast  cost USD 5 ( apptoximate RM15 ) ,consider expensive ,but,since i received the allowances in USD ,but bear in mind ,its cost RM5.I had mushroom omelette with coffee & tomorrow i shud try croissant ( en boss said this will be our everyday breakfast for the next 6 days )..owh,i shud try the latte tomorrow & it cost USD 1.75...sukeee....

Ini ialah iklan Mr "Condom"inium..i found this everywhere..

This is the normal scenery at Cambodia.,super duper busy ( they drive/cycling/biking like crazy yet no accident.amazing huh..i kejenya mengucap pjg sbb asik selisih ngan lori besar gedabak..uish,segala mcm doa keluar,.,hu,.,hu,,,

So,we headed to  the Kampung Speu ( the site province ) & the road are super duper terrible .Jln tanah merah with holes everywhere.Imagine kalo naik keta ,we ol naik 4WD pun rasa menderita..
Tapi,i must admit ,Cambodia sgt cantik.U can see the pagoda everywhere. Kiranya xfrust sgt la xdpt visit Angkor Watt .

Scenery from the car.

After a "lunch" ( owh,i have to survive eating at the only food stall at the Kg with dogs wandering everywhere ( i cuma makan nasi berkuah kan sayur ).Alah,en boss yg kunun2 leh survive sgt tu pon ikut style i.Nampak sgt pretendous.We have to have a very good communication with local people.Nanti nampak mcm jakun sgt.Ok,i pon ada kg ,tapi xmcm ni,so tentu la susah for me to adapt kan.I xde la kena culture shock ke apa tp i geli la

There are about 16-20 pagodas all the way up to the mountain

Pastu,after short discussion ,we pegi tgk sendiri camne they build the concrete ring for the water filteration. We should really really thankful coz we have good food ( infact terlebih makan ) with good weather with joy & good country compared to them who are very very far away behind.

They also plant the gemuk2 mushroom

Another support by GRC -concrete ring for hand well construction for safe & clean water

So,after tiring trip ( bcoz of the road i guess ) ,we decided to go back to Phnom Penh & it tooks another 2 hours journey since the factory workers ( most of Cambodian are in agriculture /tuk tuk driver/factory workers) just finished their shift & again the traffic gonna be super duper buzzzyy...

Us at the sub-branch building

We saw this on way back to guest house.

The market is open everyday & will close at 8 pm. Owh ya ,kul 6 pm kt sini dh sgt gelap gelita.So,usually the business will close at 8 pm.Mcm2 ada kt sini, honk honk tergantung mmg byk & mcm2 la drg jual.Plg byk & a must "cell card" ..punya la bersepah .

& this is how the traffic looks like during weekdays .

This is normal

Bye for now .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cambodia Day 1

As salam.

Finally ,our plan for working trip to Cambodia has turn out to be a reality ! Ya,after 2 times postponed & so many things happened ,we ( me & en boss ) were safely arrived at the airport ,10.30 am local time..Difference 1.5 hour ngan kita.

Queuing time-en boss yg sgt beria2 suh i bergambar tau,jadi,i dh lantik die jdk photographer i..

Up from the sky, just before landed ,i feel like being in Thailand .U can see the paddy fields & typical housing area of Cambodian which deep in my heart felt very lucky to be Malaysian !

Soo a's sday Cambodia !

Our journey from Malaysia ( with MAS ) to Phnom Penh went smoothly .Dr Darren ,who is our colleaugue from Cambodia fetch us at the airport .Owh ya,i read the guide book about the drinking/tap water is not safe & we are  advised to only take mineral water or else will suffer a stomach ache.Upph ,sebotol air mineral kecik d airport cost USD 1.50.

Then,after change money & menjadi kaya ( the money in Khmer is dominated in 500,1000,10000),benci kan bila nk pegang byk2 padahal ia cuma la bernilai USD 20.Then,we headed to office since our guest house is quite far .& my first Khmer lunch was really really great.

Sedap gile sup die.Ok,i mmg sgt takut kot makanan tu xhalal & mana de restoran kt sana ada 'halal' sign kan.jadi,what i did ,as long the restaurant is nice ( ok,stall kt sini xsama mcm Msia ok ) ,& i end up eat seafood ,so why not.Janji x 'was was' kan...he..he.. Owh,i akan rindu ayam & daging sbb i telah berikrar akan menjadi 'seafoodian' selagi xnmpk 'halal' sign.I rindu sgt sup tadi..sedap gile.its combination of lemon grass with ginger & a little bit taste of bunga kantan,owh its just superb & lots of vege inside...

So,after short discussion sbb we belum check in & sgt letih ( kalo wat kerja mmg letih forever ),so we pon gerak la g our guest hotel..owh,psl ni plg lawak.

Biasa lah,i & geng2 'segila' kt opis dah risau la mana la punya tempat en boss ni carikan.Siap goggle suma xjumpa.Skali dpt gak & tgk mcm cantik.Tapi still rasa xpercaya selagi xnampak.berbakul pesanan penaja la kiranya dpt.( i'm the only girl -upss,shoud i say lady ??? in this mission. )..yg girl keje kt cambodia ni xakan invlove 100% sbb die preggy ,jadi suma pakat risau.Sekali sampai....

Even dpt dua bed ,tp i tido srg jek.Frust la xdpt queen..ish,what u expect ,bukan hotel ye..

Ha,ambik kau.cantik tau.honestly,guest house ni cantik.U see,this is my room -ensuite ye & the living area.Kt sini cuma ada 4 bilik & we ol je duk.

Dkt sini,mostly guest house die org yg long travel akan book berbulan2 or yg mana ada keje ke,so drg xoffer bilik yg byk.nama pon guest house

.& i sgt puas hati dgn servis nya. & i notice drg ni layan i mcm tuan puteri ( harus di ingat ,drg ni akan 'terik' poketnya).sesusah kita ,x seteruk drg .i dpt free laundry & cuma cost USD 25 per day.Ok,i recommend ye.

Living room -belah kanan bilik i

& the best part mesti la sgt strategik.Now,i nk kena tarik balik segala kutukan tuk en boss ckp night mare sbb die xbook hotel.Ok,usually,if other federation staff pegi drg akan book Holiday Inn,so suma ckp my boss kedeks sbb xnak spend lebih.Tp,bila tgk map ,wah ,tmpt i sgt best ye.

 Hasil dari jalan2 cari pasal ,konklusinya ,semua tmpt best yg ada dlm pala otak i semuanya easy access..I dgn selamba nya round pekan phnom penh tadi ( if my parents know habis la i )  sensrg hanya based to map.

Drg mmg xckp byk sbb xleh spekong ,tp drg xkan kaco u like force u to buy ke apa ke.& i rasa secured sbb abg polis berada di mana2. Umah kedai sgt padat & jln from lorong ke lorong xde rasa horror langsung ( kalo kt Msia sumpah jln xtoleh depan blkg ,silap2 asik lari je -punya la takut kt negara tumpah darah )..

Kedai moto bersepah2

Kebetulan ,hari Jumaat & Ahad drg cuti public holiday sbb Raja nye besday ,so i nmpk merata2 ada banner -same like us jgk.

Kt sini ,bila nk melintas tu xleh lenggang kangkung & no high heels & handbag please..kalo nk merasa kena langgar dgn motosikal,try la..owh,i sgt gerun dgn traffic drg yg ala2 suka hati la jln mak bapak aku..
serius takut ,padahal i naik 4 WD .& i dh learnt somtehing ,kalo drg hon sekuat hati tu ,actually utk attention semua org drg nk lalu ,bkn nya spesifik tuk sesiapa ,& tuk tuk is everywhere to help u around & costs less than 5000 K ( approx RM 3 ).Tp,hari ni i dgn tabah berjalan saje sbb nk rasa thrill.
I sgt frust sbb xjumpa restaurant yg best.Smpi tetiba i rasa kaki dh melecet ( upenya dh nk dkt 2 hours berjalan ,tp xsedar sbb tmpt die sgt interesting to miss ) .Hasil research i :

- jgn berharap ada shopping market yg best
I jumpa la shopping mall ni nama 'Pencil Supermarket' kot,tp confuse bila masuk sbb xde umat langsung,& en boss ckp perfume kt sini xori & rega die is same with the market price -selamba je i nmpk drg ni fake item letak kt mall.

Korang pernah jumpa 'Prada' rega USD 30 & pastu display cantik2 mcm ni ?

- i frust xjumpa restaurant i leh makan,cam xkonfiden byk la,skali tetiba i nmpk this book cafe -wah i jumpa iced latte ni rega nya cuma USD 1.80 .Boleh la minum ni hari2..sedap plak tu.dpt gak layan internet.

Esok & esok nak lagi...sukeee

-pastu i  tabah nk jugak carik kedai makan,walau hujan renyai2 nk lebat ,tetiba i nmpk die restaurant 'Mother in Law' namanya.sbb i dh terpandang ke arah tu & ia nmpk cantek ,& waitress tu dh buka pintu & drg suma beratur tunggu i msk mcm i la yg punya besday ahad nanti ,jadik i pon tawakal je order..

Noodle seafood makan tanpa syak wasangka ye

sbb i x'was was' ,jadik i mkn la seafood noodles Khmer style..xsedap la plak,tp i suke servis die.noodles tu rega around RM7 ( & i rasa mahal la sbb i ingat food kt sini murah ) tp xjadik keciwa la sbb die bagi complimentary chinese tea & dessert ( mcm pengat pisang ) ,so i blk hostel dgn hati riang...

Uppss..masa kt toilet ,i notice they also provide me with,not bad huh...xyah guna i nye toiletries..

Sekian,update for today.


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