Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new office..

As salam.

Today is 17/8/2010 & the 7th day of Ramadan.Alhamdullillah,di bulan mulia ini ALLAH lapangkan rezeki saya.Syukur at last dpt tempat keje yg sgt memenuhi citarasa  baik dari segi lokasi ( only 15 m from my house ) ,msk office kul 9pm -5pm sahaje ( suke ),dpt travel juge ( suke lagi ) ,hari2 pakai semi casual  ( i luv jeans ) & sebagainya...

Jadi,journey saya bermula hari ini.My french boss is very nice guy.Gile gile pon ada jugak.He's married to an Indian lady ( India mari) & just got a very cute baby boy. Tapi lum  penah jumpa face to face lagi la.

So,this will be my new workplace sharing with him.We will move to other floor on Dec/ Jan 2011.So,basically maybe a better space for us.But now is still ok since only two of us are here.

I got my own toilet,photocopy ,fax & scanner machine & pantry as well. So mmg hidup kt dlm ni je la.Share with us are colleauges from Spanich,Finland & German representative as well.All of them are very nice lady.kakdg rs cam tgk telenovela mexico pon ada bila drg ni ckp sesama drg. :).

So,this is our unit.Actually our unit ni di kira PNS Delegate ,so only 4 rooms.Ada lagi 7 unit if not mistaken under this company.Cuma kami terpisah sbb tempat ni was build by unit.That's why they will rent the whole 10th floor & fully renovation was done to ensure all staffs are together.Takde la nak kena kuar dari unit saya melawat unit lain .Lagi senang..he..he..

Thats the conclusion for my very 1st day..mood = excited !

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